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Popular ERP Software of 2021 That You Need to Check Out

What is an ERP? If you are in the business or manufacturing industry, then this acronym will probably sound familiar. An ERP stands for...
Verbal Contracts

Dealing With and Enforcing Verbal Contracts

If you want to enforce a verbal contract, then you'll need to prove that it existed in the first place. Find out what to do when you failed to get it in writing

How Freelancers Can Compete Against Bigger Businesses

As a freelancer, you are in a unique position to offer a high-quality product and personalized, attentive service. Learn how to compete with big business now.

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Inbox Clean

When you're self-employed, you can start to feel like checking email is your job and real work is something you only get around to once your inbox has been sifted, sorted, and emptied.

4 Easy Ways To Expand Your Online Presence

Potential clients today expect to see a lot of you online (website, social media, etc.) but it's never been easier to provide great content and essential information.

The Self Employed’s Guide to Making Peace with the IRS

Congress has given the IRS the power to collect unpaid taxes in a variety of nasty ways. Learn how to best deal with the IRS when you own your own business.

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