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small claims court for business

How to Use Small Claims Court to Resolve a Dispute

Courts have recently increased the dollar limit for disputes, making it more attractive for small business owners to take their grievances to court. Learn more now.

Creating An LLC When You Are Self-Employed

AWhen you are self-employed, you need to both look and act professional. Forming an LLC accomplishes both of those goals. Here's how

The 5 Inarguable Traits of a Great Entrepreneur

Every successful entrepreneur has a different story, but the very best have a few things in common

Is Starbucks Really a Good Place to Conduct Business?

For solopreneurs looking to break out of the home-office rut and set up shop somewhere a little more, well, public, the most common solution is the local coffee shop. But is Starbucks (or Seattle's Best, or Panera, or your local all-organic, independent brew joint) really an effective office space?

Entrepreneurs: Life Insurance Made Easy

One reason you started a business is to provide for your family. Life insurance therefore is practically a necessity when you are self-employed. Here's why, and what to buy

INSURANCE GUIDE: Do You Need Disability Insurance?

For the self-employed, an injury that disrupts your ability to work can be devastating. Here' what you need to know about disability insurance

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