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How to Become a Real Estate Home Inspector with Little Startup...

Home inspection can be a lucrative career for a self-motivated jack-of-all-trades type. Getting started is simple and inexpensive

Freelancing Work: Small Clients VS Big Clients

As you build your brand, customers will help define your business. Find out how to decide what makes sense for you: a few clients or many

A Primer on Property Insurance for the Self Employed

Do you need business property insurance? When you can count your assets on one hand, then it is essential that you protect them against injury or loss.
licensing artwork for the web

How to License Artwork for Websites: Royalties or One-Time Payments?

Licensing artwork on the web can be difficult to negotiate, and payments can be difficult to monitor and audit. Learn about royalties and 1-time payments.

Determining Your Exit Strategy: How to Go out of Business the...

Learn how to make the most of your departure from your company, whether you're selling your business to someone new, or declaring bankruptcy.

3 Simple Startups Ideas for the Solopreneur

If you have expertise in a particular field, there is a good chance you can parlay your experience into a lucrative career. New affordable startup ideas.

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