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notary public

How to Easily and Affordably Start a Notary Business

Looking to make a little extra money or to build a stable, lucrative small business? Starting a Notary public for almost nothing may be the way to go.

Why The Self-Employed Need A Killer Resume

For solopreneurs, a resume is an essential sales tool: it helps you explain your history and skills, and allows you to tell potential clients what it is that sets you apart.

Types of Insurance That Small Business Owners Can’t Live Without

Without sufficient insurance, a fire, theft, accident, illness, or lawsuit could potentially destroy your business. Learn what types of insurance every business should carry.

5 Website Legal Landmines Every Freelancer Should Know About

if you’re using social media, a blog, or your website as a platform for marketing, understand the legal and financial risks of posting content.
taking on a business partner

How to Find and Take on a Partner

A good business partner shares your vision and enthusiasm, as well as your values, but a great friend can still turn out to be a lousy partner. Learn more now.

Freelance Finances Made Easy

Managing your finances is not always the best part of being self-employed. That doesn't mean it has to be tough. Get 4 tips for managing your finances now.

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