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Michelle Brooks

Michelle Brooks is the independent writer and blog editor. She specializes in e-learning, general education, career and self-development.

Relaunching a Business During Difficult Times

This past year has been challenging for so many businesses. Some have had to shut either permanently or temporary because of restrictions. Even those...

What Marketing Trends to Expect in 2021

Digital marketing emerges as the most reliable choice for businesses during the pandemic. With the increase in the usage of video, Google ads, local...

How to Launch Your Business While in College

Thinking about going into business this year? As you should know by now, you need to produce your product/service, set up a small company,...

10 Reasons for Young Entrepreneurs to Get Motivated

College students no longer wait until graduation to start a business. Combining studies with entrepreneurship is far from easy. But that doesn’t stop learners...

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