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Michael Lee


Managing Your Own Health and Safety as a Self-Employed Worker

It’s essential that business owners prioritise the health and safety of their employees. Whatever the industry, employers have a duty of care to their...

How Does Delivery Efficiency Translate to More Productivity and Savings?

As businesses increasingly opt to offer their consumers delivery, they’ll need to also focus on delivery efficiency. Due to the massive market domination Amazon...

5 Ways to Help Your Office Run Smoothly

Moving your office can be just as big of an ordeal as relocating your home. Without the right planning and organization, your office move...

6 Ways to Financially Plan for Retirement When You’re Self-Employed

When you don’t have an employer who’s providing you with a 401(k) and monthly contributions, it can be stressful planning your finances for retirement....

How to Start a Business Online

Image source: There are plenty of individuals who make their living from doing nothing but working online. The idea seems attractive, but for some...

6 Tips for Improving Your Online Storefront to Boost Sales

Six tips from international online suppliers that will help you maximize the marketing of your online storefront

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