The Health Risks of Being Self-Employed

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Being self-employed is more popular than ever before. The advantages of managing your own time and talents are irresistible for the outgoing and ambitious. With that said, there are risks involved, but that comes with the territory.

One of the risks the most self-employed people don’t factor in is the risk to their health. Those who work their own hours and are accountable to no one but themselves are at risk of falling into bad health habits.  Here are some of the health risks to watch out for and ways to manage them:

Chain Smoking:

For those that smoke chain-smoking can quickly become a problem. Hard work and long hours make it easy for an extra cigarette to slip in here and there. Before you know it, you are looking for ways to quit smoking.

  • Consider vaping. Not only is it healthier, but e-liquid comes in a variety of interesting and unique flavors. Monthly subscriptions which are even better than dollar ejuice club make it easy to find the best flavors for you.
  • Avoid triggers as much as possible.
  • Give yourself replacement fixations such as chewing gum or small snacks to relieve the urge to smoke.
  • Time your doses. If you only smoke or vape during breaks, you can only do it so many times a day.
  • Choose your reward. reward yourself with something other than smoking if you can keep your cigarettes per day down to a certain goal.


Overeating is another habit that can creep in high work and high-stress situations. The first thing to consider with overeating is always to discover why you are really overeating. Often people will find that they eat to relieve stress or that they like certain tastes and are eating for The Taste rather than the calories. Sometimes eating can just become a habit.

  • Each low-impact foods. You cannot get overweight eating celery.
  • Set eating schedules. The body responds to schedules, and you will soon find that you are not even hungry until a meal or scheduled snack arrives.
  • In cases where you find that you are craving taste sensations rather than actual food consider low-calorie Alternatives. Chew on gum, give yourself tiny portions of food and chew on them for a length of time.

Lack of Exercise:

Exercise can be a struggle for anyone. When you are busy, this can be particularly difficult. Not only do you find yourself lacking exercise, but you may also find yourself sitting for too long in one place. This needs to change. Not only does lack of exercise affect productivity, but it’s also certain to take years off your life.

  • Start your day with stretches. Not only does this relieve a great deal of stress but stretches will sharpen your mind, and you can do them in less than 15 minutes.
  • 30 minutes of cardio could save your life. Consider running for 30 minutes every day. Studies have shown the 30 minutes of cardio every day can cut your chances of MANY diseases and health problems in half. If you do nothing else, put in 30 minutes.
  • Take focus breaks where you do a little exercise. If if you work from home and even if you don’t consider taking Focus brakes. Stop what you’re doing and do a few push-ups or some squats or even some mild stretches. Regular brakes that involve a little exercise can dramatically increase your focus and your physical health. Sitting less and walking more can make a remarkable difference.

All great things are made of tiny little pieces. A small change here can make a big difference later on. Consider applying these suggestions and keep an eye on self-employed health consequences. If you can find little ways to make changes, you can be will be successful in mind, body, and business.

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