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accounts receivable

Getting Past-Due Customers to Pay Up

How do big corporations get past-due, non-paying customers to pay up? Find out and do what they do

4 Money Myths That Can Kill Your Business

Some seemingly harmless expressions about money could be stopping you from making the money you deserve
fundraising ideas

Buying a Business With (Almost) No Money Down

Is it possible to buy a business with no money down? You bet. Here's how

Who Needs Job Security? What You Need is Income Security!

show everyone how to systematically eliminate their dependence on a paycheck

Getting the Money You Need for Your Small Business, Even with...

How about this: Getting the Money You Need for Your Small Business - Even with Bad Credit!

GOOGLE HANGOUT: Credit Decisions – Getting a Yes

In coordination with MasterCard and Bank of America, this Google Hangout will focus on how to best approach a bank for a loan and the top factors that influence credit decisions

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