GOOGLE HANGOUT: Credit Decisions – Getting a Yes

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Running a small business is one of the most difficult jobs out there. Out of the many questions that go through an owner’s head these days, top of mind is securing loans and lines of credit in this unstable economic environment. Without a steady source of loans over time, employees could go without pay, orders pile up, merchandise left on the warehouse floor, etc.

The first Google Hangout in our small business series will focus on how owners can be best prepared to approach a bank for a loan and the top factors that influence credit decisions. Our moderator and panelists are there to help you navigate the confusing landscape of small business banking, discussing a number of sub-topics such as is there a rule of thumb for when small businesses should seek loans vs. lines of credit?

We’ll also cover how the economy and slow recovery have impacted the ability of small businesses to secure loans, what the fastest ways are for a small business to improve its credit score, and general credit roadblocks out there for small businesses and how to avoid pros cons credit cardsthem.

We hope you’ll take full advantage of this opportunity and benefit from the expert advice. Below you’ll find an Eventbrite link for an event reminder among other details and short bios of the moderator and panelists.

Important Details

Eventbrite Reminder Here

Topic: Factors That Influence Credit Decisions

Time: April 16th 8PM ET

To Participate: Watch the Live Broadcast Here


Moderator and Panelist Details

Moderator: Eugene DeSilva – SVP and Group Head of Global SME at MasterCard

Panelist: Jeanne Kelly – Industry expert & small business owner, nationally recognized voice in credit consulting and author of The 90 Day Credit Challenge

Panelist: David Tremblay – National Executive, Client Development Group, Small Business Banking, Bank of America

Panelist: Steve Strauss – TheSelfEmployed Founder and CEO, recovering lawyer, author, speaker, and USA Today columnist specializing in small business and entrepreneurship