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Is It Legal To Start A Business Out Of My Apartment?

Is it legal to set up a business in your apartment? Maybe, but maybe not. Find out

Welcome to (Y)our Independence Day!

Welcome to the new and improved TheSelfEmployed.com - where your independence day is ours too!

Infographic: The Resilience of Small Business Owners

It's not easy out there, but small business owners are still thriving! The latest SCORE infographic examines the financial strains of small business owners and how it's affecting their outlook.

4 Super Summer Fun Tips For Your Business

Summer is not just for kids. Here's how to have some fun at your business this summer

What ‘Jurassic World’ Teaches About Marketing

Valuable marketing lessons from summer box office hit, 'Jurassic World'.

How To Leverage The Power of Instagram to Market New Products

When it comes to spotlighting a new product, few social media platforms are more visually stimulating than Instagram, making it an ideal place to showcase your latest arrivals.

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