Welcome to (Y)our Independence Day!

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Several years ago, long before this site was ever even an idea, I was approached by one of our sponsors. They wanted to work with me on some new project. Exactly what, they weren’t sure, but something.

“Woo Hoo!” I thought.

I am always looking for great partners and new gigs, given that I haven’t had a boss or a j-j-job in more than 20 years (see – I can’t even write the word without getting nervous.) The very nature of the self-employed life is that the need to continually create is constant, whether it is creating new work, or income, or ideas, or partners, or what have you.

The end result of that conversation with that company – after a ton of ideas and work – is this site, TheSelfEmployed, or, better said, the old version of this site.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 6.24.00 PM

TheSelfEmployed 1.0 was like a lot of new businesses – a good idea, but one that needed some trial and error to refine. We definitely had fun, hit a few ideas out of the park, and whiffed on a couple of others. We learned.

Today we are happy to unveil the result of that learning – the latest version of TheSelfEmployed.

What we hope and expect with this version is that the site will even better live up to its promise – “Your gig just got easier.” You will find here the same great content, just lots more of it (and if you want to blog for us, go here). It will be a ton more fun to read, there is lots more video to watch, it is far more interactive, there’s a bigger community, more to do, and you will find a few really useful, hand-selected things to buy; in short, everything you need to make your entrepreneurial self-employed journey a fun and successful one.

Because, truly, it is for you that we built this site. Being in business for yourself is many things – interesting, challenging, exciting, grueling, eventful and more – but “easy” isn’t one of them. Here, we hope to at least make it, if not easy, then at least easi-er.

Many people made this updated site happen, but particular credit must be given to our incredible web designer and tech guru, Abby Woods. If you need a website, or really any tech help with your website, her business IconikWeb cannot be beat, period.

And to all of you who helped us get here, whether by reading or writing or blogging or watching or coaching or posting or tweeting or whatever, thank you. And if you want to share our good news of today on your social channels, we would so appreciate that.

So welcome to TheSelfEmployed 2.0! We worked hard so you don’t have to (or at least, not as hard!)

– Steve Strauss