#SMBsurvey Tweetchat Highlights

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Q1: What are 2 things I can do right now to take my business to the next level? #SMBsurvey







Q2: What are some low-cost ways I can market my #smallbiz online? #SMBsurvey





Q3: How important is #mobile marketing for my online success? #SMBsurvey









Q4: What are 2 things I can do to protect my customers from potential security + privacy threats online? #SMBsurvey













Q5: How can I differentiate my brand with content marketing? #SMBsurvey










Q6: Are there easy ways to add video to my marketing mix? #smbsurvey






Q7: How do I get started in #eCommerce? #SMBsurvey






Q8: How can I use social media for my #smallbiz when I have limited time + resources? #SMBsurvey







Q9: How do I develop a website that’s sticky? #SMBsurvey






And the last question . . . Q10: How do I build a brand that’s recognized and trusted? #SMBsurvey







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