Salesforce Automation – Why It Makes Sense for Growing Businesses

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Businesses that are at the moment small but intend to take on a high growth trajectory need to pay attention from the very start to implement CRM solutions. Often these solutions and package details can seem extremely technical, but as every savvy business owner knows they need to be mastered sooner rather than later for customers to be tracked better as well as monitor sales trends and inventories. Business intelligence software like Salesforce can give owners of rapidly growing businesses an edge over the competition as it gives them complete control over automation of marketing, workflow and email.

Salesforce Automation manages all aspects of sales right from the initial contact with the customer to the deal closure and monitoring customer satisfaction thereafter. Salesforce integrates the information flow from all departments so that communication with the customers is completely de-duplicated and streamlined. This not only results in very happy customers but eliminates a lot of confusion within the various departments that are responsible for customer interaction as all players know exactly what interaction the others have had already. This enables maximization of the efficiency, and productivity of the sales team. Some key benefits:

Better Management of Contacts

One of the key benefits of CRM packages like Salesforce is that it acts as a central repository of all details of sales contacts. This is also used to maintain a scheduling diary without any conflicts or overlaps using the integrated diary and calendar applications.

Superior Account Management

Adoption of Salesforce can give business owners a holistic view of all their business accounts by making available their contacts, cases, contracts, and opportunities. It is now possible to keep track of the interaction with customers, view the history of sales and track emerging sales opportunities so that management of the business can get a better idea of deals that are likely to be closed.

Enhanced Lead Generation

With the high degree of automation that is possible with the implementation of Salesforce, it is possible for the system to generate leads from diverse sources such as email campaigns, marketing communications, website tracking and phone calls. The system can be configured to turn up fresh sales leads as and when they become available so that the sales team can schedule the initial contacts.

Streamlined Quote Generation and Order Management

The CRM package has advanced features that enable sales representatives who are chasing contacts to instantly generate quotations once a prospect express some interest in a deal. Internet connectivity allows them to be on the ball with customers even when they are not in office but on the road. Even generation of orders, once the sales rep receives confirmations from the customer, can be done online without any sort of delay. The net result of this seamless integration is that the customer order is processed efficiently and the customer receives the ordered product with none of the conventional processing delays. This happiness is likely to make customers repeat their business with the company.

More Efficient Sales Forecasts

With all customers and sales data available the package is able to do the number crunching of historical data, current trends, order book situation, and available opportunities to churn our futures sales projections with great efficiency. After employing Salesforce test data loader, it is very easy for business owners to see how it works so that they can more easily decide on Salesforce implementation for their organizations.

Improves Internal Efficiencies

When data regarding the reasons why contracts were lost or won are fed in diligently into Salesforce, it will be possible for the management to analyze the data to highlight if there are any perceptible trends or areas of concern that need to be addressed to improve business efficiency and profitability. A lot of competitor performance can also be gleaned from these reports that can help improving organizational performance.

Advanced and Real-Time Reporting

Now sales executives no longer have to spend hours in generating reports for their superiors. Extremely accurate and up-to-date reports with graphics of choice can be generated instantly using the desired filters. Sales reps also no longer have to return to office to generate the reports as these can be now scheduled and electronically transmitted to the intended recipients even if they are on the go. This functionality frees a lot of time for the sales team to focus better on converting leads to actual sales. Access to Salesforce data and reports via smartphones also enables sales executives to converse and negotiate more knowledgeably with prospects.