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Top 3 Small Business HR Mistakes

So, here’s one of the things they don’t teach you in small business school: You will make mistakes, plenty of them. Most will be small and...

Hiring without documentation doesn’t fly like it used to

Back in college, I had a brilliant, rebellious roommate in the dorms who was a junior transfer from Canada. Exceptionally smart and talented, Mark...

The Easy Way the Self-Employed Can Save for Retirement

We’ve talked about the various types of retirement plans for self-employed entrepreneurs.  There’s no shortage of options – and the blooming marketplace of finance...

What Small Businesses Need To Do To Protect Their Employees

In this day and age, businesses face a wide variety of risks. They have to worry about being sued by their clients, while simultaneously...

Key Legal Issues for eCommerce Entrepreneurs

While we’ve all heard the old axiom; “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” This is particularly true in ecommerce. After all, if your...

LLCs for Freelancers: Understanding Liability Protection

By Drake Forrester for SCORE Nearly every professional freelancer eventually faces the question of whether to remain a sole proprietor or form an LLC. The...

Avoiding Healthcare Fraud In Small Business

When you own a small business, having healthcare is important. You want to know that you’re accounted for when it comes to medical issues,...

3 Government Regulation Compliance Complexities for Small Businesses

Your small business operates in the private sector so government regulation compliance is something you don't often think about. Small businesses encounter government regulations...

Infographic: 12 Ways Non-Disclosure Agreements Are Misused

Source: EveryNDA

Must-Know Legal Tips for The Self-Employed

Being self-employed is the best way to be in charge of your career, and your life. You will have the freedom of being your...



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