How to Transport Goods as an Ecommerce Company

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You’ve started your online shop. You could be selling anything from crafts on Etsy to an entire online market on eBay. The most important thing, whatever the product, is getting it to the customer. It can be unnerving having your goods outside of your control, but follow the tips below and there’s no need to worry.


Third party couriers are the go to for many ecommerce businesses. They can provide a wide array of services, including tracking orders and signing for deliveries. Couriers get the job and offer both you and the customer peace of mind that the products are in good hands. There is a whole array of online couriers for you to choose from, take your pick.

Postal Service

You don’t necessarily have to go to private to post your packages. You could use your country’s national postal service. You can opt for next-day delivery and get given a tracking number to keep an eye on the parcel. It’s still an effective system and your deliveries will get done. This could be an option if you’re just starting out your ecommerce buisness and are trying to keep to a budget.

Do it Yourself

Don’t panic, this is in no way suggesting you getting in your car and hand-delivering the goods yourself. You don’t have to give yourself all that extra work on top of everything else. However, if your business is starting out fairly local, would it be possible for you to arrange your own drivers for local deliveries? You know the products would be in safe hands, plus it would save you courier fees.

Get a Pallet

If you’re selling large products, or items in bulk, you’ll want to consider entering the world of pallets. They’re versatile, can support heavy items and are an efficient way of moving lots of goods all at once. National Pallets offer a wide-range for your postal needs. Remember to measure so your items so you order the right size, and then away you go.

Personal Touches

Whatever method you choose, make your business stand out by making your parcels stand out. After all, ecommerce businesses are on the rise, and you need to do everything you can in order to get attention from the crowd. You can add handwritten notes to the customer, thanking them for the service. Or that one step further and throw in a few sweet treats or a discount voucher for their next purchase from you.

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