Google+ Hangout – Mastering the Mobile Revolution for Your Small Business

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5 mobile marketing tips

Recently, I was doing a tweetchat with my friend, the “small business technology evangelist” Ramon Ray (@RamonRay) and he tweeted something that was easily the most re-tweeted tweet of the night:

“Look around you – everyone is staring at their cell phones – You need to have YOUR MESSAGE there!!”

It is a point well taken. As small business owners, we have to be where our customers are. When I first wrote the book, The Small Business Bible in 2004, my hot tip was “You better get a website.” When I wrote the 3rd edition, in 2012, that had changed to “You better get a jump on social media” Today my essential tip is, “You better master the mobile revolution” and the reason is exactly what Ramon said: All eyeballs now are on the mobile screen, be it a smartphone or tablet, and if that’s where our customers are, that is where we need to be too.

To help you get a better handle on this mobile revolution, I recently participated in a Google+ Hangout. You can check it out here –
YouTube link