Gig Economy

BOOK REVIEW: Duck and (re)Cover

If you’ve heard that advertising your business more is the best way to make it through a tough economy, you might be right . . . but you also might be wrong because
march madness in the office

Why Your Business Should Embrace Madness

Concerned about whether you should allow March Madness to take place in your small freelance business office? Think again.

If I Were The Business Travel Dictator

When your business takes you up in the air for business travel often, follow these pearls of wisdom from the travel dictator.

PROFILE: How An Informercial Guru Went From Rags To Riches

Being in business for yourself is tough, but one well-known infomerical guru explains why that is just part of the story

So Is the Customer Always Right?

Ever heard the phrase, the customer is always right? When you run a freelance business, is that always the case? When is it wrong?
top entrepreneurs

PROFILE: Who Are The Top 10 Entrepreneurs of All Time?

Lots of people ask who the best entrepreneurs in the world are. When you’re trying to run a successful business, it helps to seek expert wisdom.

Take the First Annual Biz Quiz!

Think you know business? Think you know movies? What do they have in common? Find out!



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