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VerticalResponse, a subsidiary of Deluxe Corporation, helps you grow your business and connect with your customers wherever they are. Our full suite of online tools lets you do all your marketing – email, social media, mobile and more – easily from one account.

Emails That Encourage Customer Engagement

This guide will help you create four emails (featuring examples!) that are designed specifically to boost customer engagement.

8 Things Your Website Needs to Increase Traffic and Sales

Here are the eight most common "missing links" in website design, development and promotion, including tools to help you bridge the gaps and finally see some returns from your online presence.

Twitter’s New Analytics: What You Need To Know

Twitter Analytics is now offering users more tools than ever before to manage, organize and analyze their tweets and followers. Their latest feature release,...

Recent Facebook Changes Affecting Small Businesses

Here are 3 recent Facebook changes you should be aware of, as they may effect how you market your business on that platform.

Why You Still Need Great Links – This Means You!!!

Links from other sites to your are still the key to great SEO no matter what you hear

5 Ways to Create More Touchpoints with Email

Instead of letting customers just reside on your email list, here's how you can incentivize them to visit places where they will get a fuller understanding of your business or organization.

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