Tim Parker


7 Potential Dangers of Free VPNs

VPN is an excellent shield for users streaming online and browsing anonymously on Firestick devices. It helps access the block geo-locations and hide identity...

5 Benefits of Being Self-Employed

Making the decision to leave the safety of a regular job and the stable monthly salary is a scary prospect for a budding entrepreneur....

5 Proven Ways to Impress Angel Investors

What does it take to get an angel investor to take you seriously and write a check? There are 5 things you can do to up your chances.

Becoming an LLC: A Smart Choice for the Self-Employed

Too many self-employed business owners don’t understand why creating an LLC for their business is important. Here are a few reasons why

3 Self-Employment Myths

Starting a new business? Combine your hope of a wildly successful business with the reality of the journey, and don’t fall for these self-employment myths.

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