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Infographic: The True Cost of Commuting

For a significant group of individuals, the freedom to work from home is one of the key benefits of being self-employed. However, this freedom is not the only plus side. It turns out you may be saving heaps of money as well! This eye-opening infographic shows the true cost of commuting in both time and finances.

The UPS Store LIVE Small Business Facebook Q&A Chat Follow Up

This last Friday, Steve Strauss, founder of The Self Employed website and author of The Small Business Bible, took part in a live Q&A for The UPS Store on Facebook. In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights
rules for working as an independent contractor

The Keys to Staying Within the Law as an Independent Contractor

Being your own boss as an independent contractor is a great way to get ahead. But to do it right your first need to fulfill some important legal and financial requirements. Learn how here.

How to Jumpstart Your Business After Taking a Short Leave

Get 3 winning tips for how to jumpstart your freelance business after taking a leave due to illness or vacation. Take advantage of these strategies now.

Buying a Business? Don’t Forget the Insurance!

Preparing to buy a business? There’s really only one thing that you need to know: get the insurance you need before it's too late. Learn more about business insurance.

7 Great Insider Tips for Dealing With an IRS Audit

Even if you have reported every earned cent, you can still be audited. That’s why every business owner needs to have an Audit Action Plan. Learn more now.

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