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Are You An Employee or Really an Independent Contractor?

Don't let an unscrupulous company mislabel you for their own benefit. Which are you - an employee of an independent contractor? Let's find out.

How to Restart a Small Business After An Absence

Sometime, a self-employed business has to shut down for a while. How to restart a business after an absence, what do you do when that happens?

How An Estate Plan Can Save You Taxes, Among Other Things

Good estate plans are vital for entrepreneurs because they can save on taxes, are private, and offer other benefits such as

PRIMER: Creating Advertising That Really Works

Many of us run our own businesses on a tight budget – so what kinds of advertising works when you can’t afford to make a mistake as a self-employed person?

The New Secret to Getting Page 1 Google Rankings

Want to get on top of Google rankings? Of course you do. Find out a new way that is proving to be very successful for the self-employed

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