5 Ways to Get Online Shoppers in the Holiday Spirit

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With three major holidays just around the corner, chances are you’ve already begun to adjust your business to get ready for the “holiday rush,” but have you taken the time to make sure you’re getting your customers in the holiday spirit?

If your business isn’t getting excited about the holidays, how can you expect to get your customers excited? The answer is simple – you can’t! It’s your job to set the example and start getting in the holiday mood. Below, you’ll find a few ideas to kickstart your holiday marketing by helping to make sure that your online presence is as festive as possible.

Give Your Social Media Accounts Festive Profile Pics
This is an easy one, but it will go a long way toward shifting your followers’ thoughts toward the coming holidays. Update your Twitter pic, your Facebook pic and also your Facebook cover page to reflect the next holiday, and you’ll make sure that everybody knows that your business is ready to celebrate.

Have Some Holiday Giveaways
Set the “giving” example for your customers by giving away some free stuff! This is a great time to give away some gift certificates – customers will likely spend more than the cost of the certificate, and you’ll also be reminding everyone else that those gift certificates exist and are available.

Sweeten Your Online Store With Holiday Bundles
Last-minute shoppers are always searching for the “perfect gift,” so make it an easy decision by bundling some popular items together and selling them at a discount! These bundles are especially useful when someone is looking to buy a few presents at once, since it takes care of them all with one transaction.

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Roll Out The Holiday Content
People are naturally going to dwell on the things they’ve been seeing and hearing, so make sure that you’re posting plenty of holiday content! How-to articles for holiday decorations, tips on saving money on presents, travel, and food, informative articles about holiday traditions, blog posts highlighting your specials and sales – there’s literally an endless amount of holiday content waiting to be written.

Share Pictures
One of the best parts of this holiday season is the endless amount of pictures that get shared. Even better, this tip can easily be integrated with all of the others. Holding a holiday giveaway? Snap some pictures of the prize with a festive backdrop! Those holiday bundles in your online store? Post pictures of all the items together!

Also, don’t be afraid to post personal pictures if you and your family are celebrating. Carved pumpkins, Christmas cookies, the Thanksgiving table before everyone digs in – sharing a piece of your own life will add something special to your posts.

With just a few changes, you can transform your online presence from its everyday familiarity into a great source of festivity and excitement.

What steps are you taking to prepare your business for the holiday season? Share your plans with us in the comments below!