Why Your Funnels Don’t Work And How To Fix Them

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Sales funnels is an amazing method to introduce your products and services to the masses. It was brought to us by Russell Brunson, CEO of ClickFunnels and it helped thousands of small businesses thrive and achieve their peak. How come your sales funnel doesn’t work the way it should be?

In every strategy that promises large and successful results, there are specific steps to take. You should be all over your company’s growth, statistics and criteria that matter. Even though the sales funnel is a great way to achieve the maximum, there’s an unfortunate statistics of lots of companies failing with perfectly good funnels.

Check if this applies to your situation and see how you can fix it.

Poor customer support and interaction

Customer support isn’t always at the back end of the sales process. It begins before you even make the sale. Some visitors (leads) might have questions about your services and products. You need to have an easy-to-reach channel (email address, online chat, social media page, etc.) to help the customer ask you some questions.

After this, work on your support team and the quality of their services. Answer the questions as quick as possible and with the utmost politeness. Some entrepreneurs don’t realize how poor customer support might hurt their sales and disregard all the benefits of the sales funnels.

Wrong targeting job

We are talking about the audience of course. Targeting your audience in a wrong way is a common mistake. But it can have huge results and downsides on your business’s development. You don’t want to deliver the information about your company to the wrong people.

Try using another strategy for generating the leads. For example, if you are building a blog and want to grow your subscriber list, offer the website visitors a free content, advise, information that’s usually costly. Ask for their email address for more and build an ongoing communication. You’ll only drive the interested audience to your website and improve the lead quality. You can read more about this on fivefunnel.com.

Poor landing pages

Landing pages are the mirrors of the company. They make the first impression on your website’s visitor and can help them decide to buy your product in a few seconds. Weak wording, not so interesting headlines, distractions, and other poor techniques of building and optimizing the landing page can drive the visitors away from your website.

Treating the leads right/wrong way

The number and the quality of the leads isn’t the problem? Are you losing them after the first two steps? Then the problem is in treating your potential customers.

Building a sales funnel is a long-term and complex process. It can’t consist of three-four steps or drive the visitors from the landing page directly to the sales offer. Add some more steps to it:

*Build a relationship with the potential customer

*Offer them a free webinar or a manual to use your products/services.

*Create a short video to create the impression of closeness.

In the end, you could just be overthinking. Keep your business and your mind in the limits of your possibilities and dream big if you have the resources and skills for it. Follow these simple guidelines, ask yourself some questions and diagnose your problem yourself.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.