Why you should move your business to Manchester

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Are you looking to relocate your business? This could be due to several factors such as landlord disputes and lack of staff, or you may be looking to expand and don’t see a future in your current location. To resolve these issues, you could consider moving to Manchester, just like the 10, 200 people that made the move from London in the past year. In comparison to the capital, Manchester has become more attractive to entrepreneurs and businesses who are looking to achieve success in a prosperous location.

If you’re serious about relocating to the north-west, you should take a look at the following benefits which will allow you to thrive in Manchester and improve your business as a whole.

Affordable property

One of the issues many businesses face is paying for overpriced property, whether that includes their own home or business premises. In Manchester, you can benefit from affordable residential housing and commercial properties, which you can either buy or rent. This will allow you to expand your business, as you can open one or more branches in Manchester without exceeding your budget.

Property investment companies like RW Invest have recognised Manchester’s potential, as they made the move themselves from London to the north-west, where rental yields are high, and tenant demand is higher. They now have a number of properties available in Central Manchester and Salford’s Media City, which are catered to young professionals working in thriving industries.

Skilled workers

If you’re struggling to find the right staff for your company, you may be in the wrong city. Take inspiration from companies like Google and Amazon who have recently opened offices in Manchester due to the highly skilled candidates that are available. This has also enabled more people to move to Manchester due to the influx of career opportunities that are now available.

The level of skill in Manchester is due to the excellent university courses available as well as many college programmes which encourage Manchester residents to develop their skills in business and technology. This is preparing everyone, including children, students, young professionals and even older generations for the work world, as they are now more qualified than ever for the jobs they are applying for.

Digital growth

Manchester has become known as the UK’s best tech city outside of London and is continually expanding. This growth has continued with the introduction of Media City, which is now home to BBC and ITV. These reputable companies have recognised Manchester’s digital potential and have led the way for other digital companies who have relocated, as well as many tech start-ups.

With the Greater Manchester Digital Strategy now in place, there will be even more room for improvement for businesses, job opportunities, digital education, and home life throughout Manchester. Whether your business operates within the digital sector or not, this initiative will enable further growth in this industry. Many traditional companies have started to embrace modern technology since their move to Manchester, which has resulted in significant expansion and enhanced profits.