Why You Should Consider Renting a Trade Show Display

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Choosing to rent a trade show display is a worthwhile and practical option for different types of businesses. Rental displays are beneficial for new exhibitors, occasional exhibitors, organizations that change their brand image, and companies looking for flexibility. If you fit into any of those groups, you should probably consider renting a trade show display from ExpoMarketing.

Here are some of the benefits of renting a trade show display.

1. Flexibility

Organizations can benefit from the flexibility offered by rental trade displays. Trial and error is an option when it comes to renting a display. Exhibitors can rent a specific system and test it out. Given that they do not feel it’s suitable for their organization, they can always try other types of exhibits. A business also benefits from the flexibility of renting components to add to an existing exhibit if they want to expand. Rental displays also allow exhibitors to change their look often, based on their current marketing strategies.

2. Enhance a Booth’s Functionality with Rental Accessories

Businesses have the option to improve their booth by renting extra accessories. Such accessories add substance and functionality to a trade display. Accessories include counters, tables, shelves, kiosks, or technological components. The pieces can serve several purposes. For instance, team members get a place to meet and store any personal possessions and business materials. Additionally, they offer excellent spaces for team members to connect with potential clients.

3. Convenience

Convenience is an essential feature, particularly when it comes to trade show exhibits. Portable displays, for instance, pack up small, are super-easy to transport, and simple to install. For some displays, setup just takes minutes, which creates more time for exhibitors to interact with potential consumers. For better convenience, companies can have their provider set up the trade booth on their behalf.

4. Cost Effective

Renting allows companies to be represented by bigger displays and/or incorporate accessories in order to maximize their trade show budget. Buying the same quality booth may be 3-4 times more costly than a rental.

5. Multiple Shows

Renting is excellent for organizations that want to exhibit at multiple shows at the same time. Also, they can help a team of exhibitors accommodate schedule conflicts and strict deadlines. They’ll need to buy several displays in order to accommodate busy trade show schedules. That requires more financial spending. However, they can keep their costs at a minimum by renting.

6. Maintenance

Almost every time, a booth incurs some wear and tear during a show. With renting, exhibitors get a booth that’s as good as new for every show and are exempt from any refurbishing and repair costs. Wear and tear is inevitable throughout the lifetime of a trade show booth. For purchased booths, companies have to pay for any repair or refurbishing fees.

7. Ability to Make Special Events More Memorable

Rental trade displays enable companies to make special occasions like anniversaries and meetings with a dealer more memorable and successful. A specialist can tackle each aspect, from exceptional graphics and design to expert installation.

8. Ability to Choose Between Do-It-Yourself and Professional Installation

With rental displays, exhibitors can choose to set up their booth by themselves, because they’re designed to be simple to assemble. But, many companies opt to hire a team of professionals to handle the installation for them, thus saving time and energy.

9. Changes

A company can merge with another firm, get bought out or just change its branding. Rental displays have the ability to adapt to whatever industry or brand modifications without high investments.

With such benefits, rental trade displays are a viable alternative to buying for many companies.