Why Facebook May One Day Take Over Google’s Importance on the Web

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Google has been the leading search engine for as long as we can remember, but with the rise of social media over the last decade or so, we are beginning to see other networks outpace Google. While Google will likely remain the go-to search engine for years to come, it can be said that Facebook may one day take over Google’s importance on the web.

People undervalue Facebook when they compare it to Google because of the sheer volume of Google as a company. Google is much more hands on with creating services and physical products, but there is no doubt that Facebook is close behind. Facebook is trailing Google in the Alexa rankings for top 500 sites on the web but is quickly moving forward with advertising and developing products that its clients can use to advertise to consumers. Facebook, in recent years has become much more search-centric than we remember it to be when it was simply a network to find your old high school and college friends.

Facebook’s Graph Search feature creates whole new ways to search on the web and marketers are already utilizing the new service to target consumers. They have even come up with a new term such as “Graph Search Optimization” and optimizing Facebook pages to create a whole slew of uses for consumers, including finding a job, local businesses and conducting overall engagement and discovery. In addition to this incredibly powerful feature and Facebook’s advertising structure, which is utilized by nearly every ad agency and brand in the country, Facebook is moving forward by expanding internationally.

Earlier this year, Facebook purchased instant messaging application, WhatsApp for $19 billion and took over the application’s nearly 450 million active users, many of which are based internationally. Don’t forget that Facebook also owns Instagram, which it acquired back in 2012, adding on features such as Instagram Video and Hyperlapse. Facebook is creeping up the web ladder with its multitude of services and is competing for its spot of relevance, challenging Google to create services that compete.

There is no doubt that Facebook will continue to grow and penetrate more industries, so long as the company makes smart choices and doesn’t veer from its “services” approach to the web. The social networking giant did try to introduce a smartphone of sorts with the HTC First, though that did not work out so well. We would like to think that is because the industry is not yet ready for a social networking smartphone OS and wants key powerful social features built into existing operating systems. This is Facebook’s strong suit and why it’s stock will be sure to grow over the next half-decade or so. Currently, Facebook stock is valuable because the company has a clear organization and long term growth potential.

Google and Facebook are the biggest players on the web, but Facebook has quite a lot going and may soon take over Google’s importance, especially as Facebook continues to build a stronger infrastructure for advertising.


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