Why do most elearning businesses fail to reach their target audience?

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E-learning businesses fall under the niche industry and therefore need to be very smart and careful about marketing themselves and reaching their target audience. If the approach to your marketing and promotion is wrong, then no matter the different methods of promotion and marketing, the return on investment will be a major disappointment

There can be several reasons why most elearning businesses fail to reach their target audience, but here are some things that elearning businesses are doing wrong.

1. Content and SEO

It is search engines through which any kind of business is likely to get most of its traffic from. E learning businesses need to make sure they are playing by the rules of SEO and Google algorithms. Quite often they make the mistake of promoting their businesses on their website rather than informing and educating their audience, which is what they need to do if they want to rank higher on Google search results. You need your website to have keyword-rich, informative content and not just something that glorifies your achievements.

2. Marketing Your Content

A lot of elearning and other businesses as well, do not time their content or play by the content elements. Your elearning courses need to have compelling titles that not only attract eyeballs but also persuade the audience into exploring more. E learning businesses usually go with boring, simple to read titles for their courses and other content on their website, which is a fail when it comes to engaging with the audience. You need to be different. What is unique about you, is the question that needs to be answered with your content. Combining the right keywords with unique content is an excellent way to get your target audience’s attention.

Scheduling your content is another very important content marketing element. You need to plan your social media posts according to the time that’s going to get the attention of the target audience the most.

3. Pay Per Click Ad

Most of the LMS PPC campaigns fail due to wrong keyword usage. PPC campaigns should be well planned and thought of. To ensure that you get the maximum output from your PPC budget, you must keep in mind the ways that PPC works. The keywords that you use must have good volume, should be low in competition and be for commercial purposes. These should cater only to your niche rather than general so that they are easier to rank.

4. Guest Posts and Blogs

Do not underestimate the influence that guest blogging and guest posts can make when it comes to reaching out to your target audience for your business. A lot of elearning businesses do not explore these tricks of marketing but they are quite effective and efficient. By reaching out to blogs with a high domain authority and influence, you can earn links from these sites and get traffic to your website and business. The only thing to keep in mind while writing guest posts and blogs is to target those websites that have a higher following and better if they are closely related to your niche, so that you reach out to the right audience.


Collaborating with social media influencers is also a great way for your e-learning business to reach your target audience. The key to doing all the marketing correct, is focusing the marketing strategies at the right platform, to the right people in the right way. Keywords play a major role when it comes to elearning businesses reaching their target audience. So make sure that you’ve got your keywords right, at the right place and at the right time.