Why Choose a CRM in the Cloud as a Management System?

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The usefulness of a CRM is more than proven: Having the ability to manage digital marketing-oriented data in the same software is practically essential today. However, trends have shown that having CRM in the cloud has even greater asdvantages. In this article we want to tell you about the advantages of having a CRM (customer relationship management) in the cloud and why you should choose one now.

What is Cloud CRM?

Let’s clarify concepts before going deeper: When we talk about CRM we mean the acronym for Customer Relationship Manager. In other words, CRM refers to management software geared towards digital marketing and the relationship between a customer and the company.

Business relationship management systems called CRMs date back to the mid-1980s and 1990s, where they originated as contact management systems (CMS), a type of software designed to store and retrieve contact information from a database.

As the focus on business shifted from simply storing contact lists to managing and enhancing contact relationships, database management evolved to customer relationship management.

There are Two Main Types of CRM Systems Available to Businesses:

CRM software hosted on a company’s server that requires the purchase of hardware, software and software licenses to install, in addition to periodic updates that must be carried out by a technical team to keep the system safe and updated. It is highly customizable, but expensive on budget and time to maintain.

CRM systems based on the cloud or cloud CRM (customer relationship management), which store all the data they contain on a remote server (cloud or cloud) operated by the hosting company. The organization that provides the CRM system handles the installation and updates of the software, as well as backup or maintenance of the hardware.

What are the Advantages of a Cloud CRM?

The amount of data that surrounds marketing actions is such that servers fall short and many companies have already chosen to use so-called “cloud CRM” or cloud CRM.

Unlike other applications that are hosted on the company’s internal servers, the cloud-based CRM database uses the cloud as a server and operates remotely. This point means that you will not need to contract high-cost services and you will save both material and personnel expenses and budget. To use a CRM in the cloud you only need:

  • Network connection
  • Use a web browser

Advantages of a Cloud CRM

The first cloud CRM system was developed by Sales force. Since then, cloud CRM systems have become increasingly widespread due to their flexibility and convenience.

If you have a local CRM system and are considering migrating your company’s data to the cloud (or are looking to install a new cloud CRM system and test the benefits of the cloud), consult and study the advantages that you can benefit from.

Automated Business Processes

CRM in the cloud guides the entire process from lead creation to lead management and ongoing account maintenance. Cloud CRM (customer relationship management) solutions help users connect the dots between marketing, sales, and customer service, allowing companies to effectively manage customer interactions throughout the sharing period.

You don’t need to Develop Servers

By operating remotely, the database is not hosted on its own server, but we contract the services of a remote one. Expenses are cut considerably in this regard.

Reduction of Operational Costs

Cloud CRM systems require significantly less involvement from a team of people, allowing managers of a business to invest fewer resources in maintaining the infrastructure of a dedicated team. The cloud CRM provider is responsible for guaranteeing the service, providing all necessary updates on time, correcting errors if they appear, etc.

Access from Mobile Devices and Online

The flexibility of a cloud CRM makes the software available when you need it. Plus, you can also access cloud CRM software from any device: Advanced cloud-based CRM systems have mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. All versions remain synchronized.

High Level of Security

The best cloud CRM cloud applications provide the ability to securely store valuable information in the remote data center. The possibility of unauthorized access is eliminated thanks to a higher level of security. Cloud CRM servers in the cloud apply additional security measures and cutting-edge technology to monitor the security of your data. In addition, regular backups of all data stored in the cloud are performed, reducing accidental data loss.


These types of solutions allow the possibility of expanding or reducing capacity virtually at any time and instantly, according to the specific needs of the company. This allows the buyer to pay only for the resources used at any given time.

A cloud CRM system for the management of business relationships has many advantages over other types of solutions. The high reliability and the adjustment to the specific needs of a company, reducing its expenses, make it an ideal choice as a guarantee of success. In this regard, at appvizer.co.uk we trust the effectiveness of cloud CRM solutions, an area in which we are experts and our experience has shown us that correct implementation and management are the key to optimizing a company’s sales and marketing resources.