What You Should Do After Being in a Bicycle Accident

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Cycling can be one of the most exciting and therapeutic hobbies available to you. Some people might even take up cycling professionally after years of practice. However, even something as simple as riding a bicycle can lead to accidents.

Any collision or crash can cause a lot of damage to your bike and extensive injuries to yourself. This is why you need to familiarize yourself with the important steps required after a bike accident. Read on to learn more about what every bicycle accident victim should do.

Wait for the Police

The first step that you should do is wait for the police to arrive after the bicycle accident. It can help your case later when the authorities see the crash site and write a police report of what happened. It is quite common for cyclists to be in shock and not notice any injuries after the collision. If you feel like you can’t wait for the police, then you can go to the nearest hospital for immediate medical assistance. But if you feel like you can physically wait longer, then it would be beneficial to you because it might be difficult to track down the at-fault driver that caused the accident. Remember to write down the names and badge numbers of the officers who arrived because that information can help your case.

Get Medical Records

You should get copies of your medical records and reports after you’ve been treated. No matter the type of injuries you’ve sustained, you must always get the help you need to recover. Having proof of that recovery and treatment can be quite beneficial for your claim. Advice from these lawyers that serve the central and southern parts of California suggests that you should always focus on recovery from the bicycle accident for the sake of your health. Your attorneys will use the medical reports as solid proof of all the injuries you’ve received and that can give you a more significant insurance claim. Remember to get these official records signed by your physicians along with their opinions about the treatments you’ve received.

Don’t Negotiate with Anyone

Every bicycle accident victim should not negotiate with the other party involved in the accident or the insurance companies. They can use anything you tell them against you later or you might get tricked into agreeing to something that isn’t in your best interest. Your attorneys should be the only people that negotiate because they mastered the art of negotiation and they are experienced enough to understand which deal is better for you. Always discuss with your legal team what you should or shouldn’t say. You should only disclose any information or talk to insurance companies and the at-fault driver if they allowed you to. But if they didn’t agree to it, then you should listen to their advice and wait for your attorneys to get you a better settlement.

Document the Accident

You must document the accident and write down every important detail that can help your case later. You should write down the name of the driver, his license plate number, the street address of the crash site, or names and phone numbers of every witness.

This information can be vital for your insurance claim and your legal team will need all the evidence that you could give them. If it’s possible to take pictures, then remember to save pictures of your bike, the car, the street, and the damages that resulted from the accident.

Repair Your Bicycle

You will need to repair your bicycle after the accident because it will not be safe for you to use. You should take it to a professional that can assess the bike’s condition, test it, and repair it properly. Any replacements, repairs, and spare parts used should be documented. You will need receipts of everything because they can be reimbursed for you later. It will be further proof of the damages that you had to take care of and you should be compensated fully for everything you went through. Repairing your bike isn’t cheap and it shouldn’t be a normal out-of-pocket expense.

Riding bicycles is fun for millions of people worldwide, but it can still be quite dangerous if you lose concentration or get distracted. You need to be extra careful of your surroundings and the people around you while riding a bike. Remember that you should always take care of yourself and the other people involved in the accident to prevent any injuries from getting worse. Any legal matters or blaming can be dealt with later. You have rights and the laws are put in place to protect you after a bike accident.

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