What You Learn As An Entrepreneur You May Never Learn As An Employee

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Like most things in life, the transition from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur has much more to do with your thinking patterns and mental approach than your actual skills and talents.

Entrepreneurship sounds fascinating, sometimes even glamorous. But it gives you real life lessons that no corporate job can offer. You can attend as many corporate trainings as you want, but when you come across the pressures of running your own business you learn things you never thought you’d know.

Here are a few of them.

  1. You Learn the Importance of Taking Responsibility

It’s easy to play the blame game as an employee, and keep getting that paycheck despite your shortcomings. You don’t have that luxury when running your own business. Entrepreneurship makes you responsible for your actions. You start holding yourself and your employees accountable for everything. You create your own luck and stop blaming others for your failures.

  1. You Wear Multiple Hats and Unearth Your Hidden Talents

Many employees struggle at playing multiple roles at work. For entrepreneurs, however, wearing multiple hats is a mandatory requirement. You’re the CEO, CFO, CMO and COO all at the same time. You even need to prepare coffee for your team when required. Perceiving yourself in limited roles is a mental barrier that most corporate employees have. Entrepreneurship helps you overcome this mindset, makes you more flexible and helps you uncover skills that you never thought you had.

  1. You Understand the Importance of Customer Service

The typical corporate employee mindset is to get your own job done and not worry about anything else in the company. Entrepreneurship is different. It makes you understand the broader business objectives. You realize that the most important person for your business is your customer. And you do everything to make him happy. Even if that means staying up all night or losing money in free service trials.

  1. You Learn The Art of People’s Management

No corporate managerial role can teach you people’s management like entrepreneurship does. As a business owner, you’re in charge and that shows you the different sides of people. All kinds of people come to you. Some are opportunists, some genuinely want to help and some just want to appear successful by associating with you. You learn the art of using people’s talents to your business advantage despite their personal shortcomings. In general, it just makes you a more mature person.

  1. You Start Thinking Big

For most employees, getting their monthly paycheck is the biggest concern. But entrepreneurship makes you think differently. You start ignoring short term losses and gains, and instead focus on the bigger picture. With no perceived barriers, you plan for the future and realize that with focused effort you can achieve much greater things in life.

  1. Money Becomes Less Important To You

Most first time entrepreneurs define success as the amount of money they manage to earn. But the more experienced you become, the more you realize that there are bigger things you can achieve as an entrepreneur. Money become less important and you start focusing on problem resolution to the extent that it becomes your main driving force. You know you have the ability to find innovative solutions to complex problems. So you divert all your attention to making lives easier. It’s a complete paradigm shift.


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