What to Wear in Every Common Business Situation

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What if we told you that to land the next big project for your company, all you have to do is put on a jacket?

Your image is everything — and first impressions are critical in the workforce.

Work attire can be complicated. Sometimes, casual Friday may even seem like a dirty trick.

If you have an upcoming meeting or conference, here are five quick and easy tips on what you should wear to impress your clients.

Get Hyped About Skype Interviews

Just because you get to enjoy the luxury of holding a meeting from your home or office doesn’t mean you get to skip out on the wardrobe.

For guys, a solid color shirt is perfectly acceptable. For women, a blouse or collared shirt is also adequate.

Some people may try to cut corners on dress pants for these types of interviews, but if the camera gets moved for any reason or you have to get up — everything goes out the window once your client sees sweats or yoga pants.

Stay Country Club Classy

Nothing is worse than getting kicked out of the country club in front of your client because you didn’t wear your fancy pants. So, when you have a golf outing with your client, come prepared.

Golf is a sport best played in khakis. They’re the safest type of pants you can wear, for both men and women. Khaki shorts are also appropriate — unless you’re in the Master’s, which you probably aren’t (no offense).

For tops, make sure you have a collar, regardless of your gender.

Also, keep in mind that you’ll be lifting your arms and will have to bend down to pick up the ball. Materials that will stretch and move with you are your best option to avoid ripping, tearing or any other unpleasantries.

Have a Conference Without the Stress

Conferences are a great space to display your best business casual look. If you overdress, you may look sharp — but everyone knows you’re the most uncomfortable one in the room.

When you’re traveling for a conference, a great rule of thumb is to pack clothes for any situation. Layers are a safe way to dress up then down, and khakis are once again a safe bet. You can also shop for products online for your convenience

Eat, Drink and Be Snazzy

What do you and that salad have in common?

You’re both well dressed.

Bad jokes aside, your salad should not look better than you. Lunch meetings are a terrific opportunity to wear a jacket or blazer.

The question on pairing jeans with nice shoes is still sort of up in the air and typically comes down to your judgment but Shoe Hero can help you decide by showing you a range of different options such as jelly shoes. If it’s a new client, it might be best to play it safe and wear either dress pants or a skirt until you get to know their style a bit better.

Be the Host With the Most

Unless your office doesn’t have a dress code, your standard attire is likely acceptable when clients come to your office to meet.

When you dress sharp, you not only look good, but you’ll also feel good. A successful day at the office means a great pair of dress shoes, a pressed shirt with no wrinkles and the confidence to match.

Put Your Best Shoe Forward

No matter the event, be sure to look your best when you have a client involved so that you also feel your best. When in doubt, dress like a boss.

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