What Makes a Good Betting Application

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The survival of an industry or its companies depends a lot on adaptability. And if there’s an aspect of the technological activity that online industries have had to adapt to the most, it is in terms of mobile compatibility and optimization.

Numerous figures have shown the shift in consumer behaviour from desktop and laptops onto mobile dependability for their shopping needs. And this is why companies had to adapt and optimize for mobile.

The best way to optimize for mobile, without a doubt, is to have a functional mobile application. The characteristics of a good mobile application are general enough, but when it comes to betting, these needs may become even more tailored and specific.

We take a look at some of them below, first at the general characteristics of a good mobile app, and then examine those characteristics as it relates to mobile betting applications.

General Characteristics

The general characteristics of a great, well-optimized mobile application include:

1. Ease-of-Use: The major reason for mobile dependency, after all, is ease. We all want something mobile, easy to carry and, of course, easy to navigate.

Having an app that hangs all the time, or with features that are impossible to navigate or operate, is a deterrent to a user as having no features at all.

2. Elegant and Smooth U.I: Another highly important aspect of a mobile application is its U.I, or User Interface, in short. This must be as light, and easy to operate and navigate as possible.

Having a bloated application with numerous features is counterproductive as it gives an overall bad experience and a gross underutilization.

3. Speed: Human patience is highly, highly limited. Especially in an endeavour with lots of options, just as it is in the world of mobile applications. There are numerous alternatives available, and so once users experience consistent delays in load time, they tend to bounce on to other faster options.

4. Availability: Last but not least on our list, is availability and dependability? A good mobile application must be available at all times. Downtimes lead to a high bounce rate and an overall decline in use and relevance.

Peculiar Characteristics

1. Ease-of-Use: Any mobile application has to be easy to use, but with an application made for betting, on lots of markets constantly changing and demanding a lot from the server, this becomes even more challenging and required.

2. U.I: Mobile betting applications tend to have a lot of features, optimizing this without bloating the U.I is important. An example of an application that gets this right is the Bovada mobile app guide.

3. Speed: Again, thanks to the fact that the market is huge and constantly changing, the need for speed becomes an unavoidable necessity.

4. Dependability: Because games are on at all times, a good mobile betting application must also do the same, unfailingly.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.