What Are Your Legal Options After A Multi Car Crash Incident

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There is something called ‘The Deer-Effect’, Deer’s are famous for staring into the headlights without moving an inch if they were caught off-guard. This paralysis isn’t exclusive to deer, it may happen to humans too in many different situations. A multi-car crash is one of those situations, the chaos of the environment makes it very hard to think logically of a solution.

Trying to find who’s responsible for causing a multiple-car crash on the spot is going to play out like a sketch from Abbott and Costello. It’s already hard to determine who’s in the wrong in a crash accident with 2 cars, multiple cars piled up being pushed from behind like an arcade game forces this situation to be resolved by a case-by-case basis. We’ll give you a brief guide about how to react in such a situation.

Who’s Liable

The problem of determining who made a mistake is a complex one, the chain reaction that ensues could be caused by a single negligent driver or multiple ones. The first thing to look for is whether a driver admits to being negligent and takes responsibility for their fault. What makes it truly hard is that sometimes the accident may not be anybody’s fault, it could be the weather, road construction, or even an animal crossing the street.


Insurance is the focal point of multi-car crash accidents; a lot of money is at stake, from car repairs to medical bills. Insurance agencies take such accidents very seriously, they assign an investigator who pays attention to every little detail to be able to reach a conclusion. It’s recommended to exchange insurance information with all the drivers included in the accident and collect witness contacts because they may be needed later.


When only cars are damaged in a multi-car crash accident, it’s not that much of a serious situation compared to if it were people being injured. The people involved in the accident could suffer from serious injuries. A personal injury lawsuit is not something that can be swept under the carpet. Different states have slightly different laws in personal injury cases, some states like California have a statute of limitations and some don’t.

Hiring a Lawyer

Sometimes the situation gets a bit hairy, with insurance companies disputing investigation results and people filing insurance claims against anyone who they think may be at fault. You’ll need to hire a lawyer to help you file claims through your collision coverage under your car insurance and to file medical bill claims through your health insurance. If you reside in California, for example, and you get caught up in a situation where you end up with injuries due to an accident, then contacting a well-known personal injury lawyer California locals are familiar with, is always the best solution. Doing research and having the knowledge of who are the best and most legit lawyers to turn to in these situations is always advisable.

The best way to determine if your claim against an involved driver’s insurance company holds water or not is by having an attorney evaluate your case carefully.

Multi-car crash accidents have a lot of variables that make the legal proceedings very complex. It’s recommended to collect as much information as possible to relay to your lawyer and insurance company. Always make sure you have the right lawyer whom you can trust to take on the case.

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