What Are the Cheapest Cars to Insure?

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What Are the Cheapest Cars to Insure?

One of the biggest expenses that all motorists face is insurance. If you spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel for your job, you may find that your insurance is higher and, in addition to increased running costs, this can have a serious impact on your finances.

Fortunately, there are a few different ways that you can reduce the amount that you have to pay each month so that you can maximise profit. These include parking off-road, increasing voluntary excess and adding safety features. Another great way to reduce the amount that you have to pay for insurance is to purchase a vehicle that is cheap to insure. Here are a few examples:

Citroen C1

The stylish C1 is an attractive small car which is cheap to buy and run, plus its small size and not so powerful engine means that it can be cheap to insure too. The C1 is also known for its reliability, so you know that it will not let you down as well.

Volkswagen Up!

VW has a long history of manufacturing high-quality and reliable automobiles and the Up! Is no different. You benefit from terrific build quality and an enjoyable drive, plus it also has low running costs and is affordable to insure.

Peugeot 107

The 107 from Peugeot is excellent value for money and a vehicle which is both attractive and enjoyable to drive. The 1.0-litre is capable of 62.7mpg, plus insurance is affordable too.

Hyundai i10

The i10 is a smart purchase to make as it is affordable, cheap to run and does not cost much to insure. It is also enjoyable to drive, surprisingly spacious for a small car and has a 5-year warranty. It won the 2018 Best City Car in the What Car? Used Car Awards too.

KIA Picanto

The Picanto may be small, but it is bursting with character and one of the cheapest cars to run and insure. It is also very well equipped with a host of great technology to enhance owner experience. The KIA warranty is longer than most, but you can also purchase an extended one if needed (a smart investment).

Business Car Insurance

As a self-employed individual, if you will be using the vehicle for business purposes then you need to have the right policy as a standard motor policy will only cover social, domestic and pleasure. You will need to take out business car insurance (this should not be more expensive) and you will also need to state how many business miles you do annually (this will impact the cost).

One of the best ways to reduce your costs as a self-employed worker is to purchase a suitable car which can be cheap to buy, run and insure and you cannot go wrong with any of the above.