What Are the Best Website Designs in 2021?

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There are almost 2 billion live websites on the internet at this very moment. If you want your website to stand out in the crowd, you need to know the best website designs for 2021.

The good news? We can help you out!

In this article, we’ll tell you about 7 of the hottest website design trends of 2021. We’ll tell you what to do, and what not to do, so you can make your website look as good as it possibly can today.

So, keep on reading if you want to know more about how to create an awesome-looking website.

1. Bold Fonts

If you know anything about web design, you know that legibility is one of those boxes that your website has to check. After all, if users can’t read what your website says, they’re not going to stick around for very long.

The best way to make sure your website is easy to read? Use bold fonts that look good on any screen of any size. That way you can make sure that your content is, above all else, legible.

2. Cartoon Illustrations

Looking to add some fun to your website? Need to make your infographics more interesting to look at? If so, consider investing in cartoon illustrations for your site.

Finding an artist to make cartoon illustrations for your website should be easy. And as long as you understand your users, and what they want, you should be able to get positive results.

Also, no matter what kind of niche your website exists in, finding ways to implement cartoon illustrations should be easy. Have fun with the concept yourself and it should translate well to your website.

3. Comfortable Colors

When it comes to web design, there aren’t too many things that are harder to decide on than color schemes. Of course, if your brand has colors already, going with those colors is a no-brainer.

But if you don’t know what colors to choose, figuring out what direction to go with your site’s design color-wise can be tricky.

Our advice? Use a color scheme generator to come up with 3 colors or less for your website. Pick colors that are easy to look at, too, as it’ll help ensure that your website is legible and easy to look at.

4. Dark Mode

If you own a smartphone, odds are you’ve activated “dark mode” at some point. Whether it’s for a social media website, or for your entire phone, dark mode is a nice feature that can make your phone easier to look at after hours or in dark rooms.

If you’re good at coding, you can make a dark mode for your website in just a few hours. And if you’re not the best at coding, investing in the help of a professional web designer for a dark mode feature is worth considering.

It’s a simple feature that can really make your website stand out in even the most competitive of niches.

5. Mobile-Friendliness

Over 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. Over the next few years, that number is going to continue to increase until the majority of users are viewing your site via mobile devices.

Because of this, you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Having a site that is mobile-friendly will not only help you out with SEO, but it’ll also make your website future-proof, which is always a plus.

A pro tip? Invest in a solid responsive website design theme. That way your website looks good on all platforms and devices, including mobile devices.

6. Simple Navigation

Another must-have web design feature in 2021, especially for websites looking to invest in SEO, is simple navigation. After all, users aren’t going to stick around if they can’t find whatever it is that they’re looking for on your website in one or two clicks.

Because of this, we recommend that you follow the “3 clicks or less” rule for your website. If anything on your site takes 3 clicks or more to find, you need to redo your navigation completely.

Not sure how to implement this rule? Don’t be afraid to make a tree, with branches, on a piece of paper that represents your website’s navigation. That way you can easily see how your website’s layout actually looks, and thus, can make any needed changes.

7. Whitespace Design

Remember that dark mode feature that we mentioned earlier? Another notable design feature involving your site’s background is whitespace design.

But what is whitespace design, exactly? And is it really something that you can implement yourself with little to no web design experience.

Whitespace design is simply having a white background for your site. It makes all of your content, and your website’s elements, flow together more smoothly.

So, as long you know how to change your website’s background color, you should be able to make the whitespace design concept work for you today.

The Best Best Website Designs of 2021

Mastering web design can take a great deal of time and practice. But if you keep these best website designs in mind, and you focus on user experience, you should be able to create a website that looks good and gets tons of traffic.

And if you can’t do it yourself, investing in the help of a professional web designer is always a good move.

New to web design? Looking for more web design tips and tricks? Check back with our blog daily for tons of useful ideas and concepts related to building and designing a website.