What Are The Benefits If You Hire an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

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Being in a car accident can be a devastating and traumatic experience, especially if you are injured. These injuries can create a lot of medical and treatment costs. It can also cause you to miss work and lose that income on top of the bills for the injury. When injured in a car accident, the person at fault for the accident should be responsible for all costs of the injury, including lost wages. Unfortunately, it can be difficult and confusing when trying to pursue such compensation. This is especially difficult when dealing with the insurance company. This for-profit business will do everything they can to keep the payout to you as low as possible. Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer, however, can provide many benefits in this situation.

Free Consultation

Most law firms that deal with personal injury cases do not charge for the initial consultation. This allows the opportunity to discuss the details of the accident with an attorney to determine whether there is a case to pursue. You can also visit several attorneys for this initial consultation to determine the best option for your particular case. The attorney can provide valuable information about the claim and the claims process. The attorney can also explain to you the cost and fees associated with hiring them before anything is paid out of pocket. This initial consultation can help you decide if an attorney can best represent your interests in this claim.

Provide Information about the Laws and Your Rights

Most people are not aware of all the legalities surrounding a personal injury case. Without the help of an attorney, you may not be aware of the statute of limitations surrounding your claim or the amount of insurance coverage the at-fault driver has. This and other information can be very crucial in your case. Going past the statute of limitations can prevent you from getting any kind of compensation for the accident. Not knowing the amount of insurance coverage available by the other driver or by your own insurance, including health insurance coverage, can make it difficult for you to have your medical bills covered when they begin to accumulate. An attorney can inform you of all this information and assist you in the best methods to proceed.

Protect Your Rights

Often, when a person speaks with an insurance company, they can make mistakes or offer information that may put them in a bad light, such as making statements that can infer fault. These mistakes can be used against you when you attempt to pursue your claim. They can sometimes be used to lessen the percentage of fault on the other driver, decreasing the amount of compensation you will receive. Even providing information about friends or family members, whether involved in the accident or not, can open the door for them to question these people about your case. An attorney can help protect your rights in this situation. They are able to advise you on the best methods for speaking to an insurance agent, or even speak directly to them on your behalf. This ensures that only the necessary information is provided.

Negotiate with the Insurance Company

When you are in a car accident in Foley, Alabama, for example, the insurance company will make an attempt to settle the claim as soon as possible. The quicker they can settle the claim, the more money they can save. However, these settlement offers can sometimes be very low or before you are even aware of the extent of your injuries. If you accept the settlement, you have no recourse to get further compensation if your costs continue to grow. Not having legal counsel to help you negotiate with the insurance company could be catastrophic. The Foley car accident lawyer at Caldwell, Wenzel, Asthana would review the settlement offer and could help you decide if the settlement amount is enough to cover all your costs and losses. If the amount is too low, the attorney is experienced with the processes surrounding the insurance company and will push for a higher amount to cover your costs. They are also skilled in negotiating the terms of the settlement to ensure your best interests are always considered.

Investigating the Accident

If there is any question surrounding who is at fault for an accident or even questions about the details of the accident, an investigation may be needed. This investigation can include discussing the accident with the police officer that came to the scene or any witnesses to the accident. There may even need to be information obtained about the road conditions. For many people, this can be difficult to accomplish without the right experience. If you are injured, it may be impossible for you to do this on your own. An attorney can provide this service. The law firm often has their own investigative team that can find any of this information. They will also seek out any witnesses and take their statement or use them in court. The attorney is also able to hire professionals to reconstruct the accident when necessary to determine the details that may be in question. This information can be vital in your case.

Represent You in Court

There are occasions when a fair settlement cannot be negotiated with an insurance company or other party responsible for payments. When this occurs, it may be necessary to have the case heard in court. When the case goes to court, you will need medical experts and other witnesses to prove your costs and losses from the injury. You will also need someone that can properly represent your legal rights. Without the proper knowledge and experience, it can be impossible to provide this for yourself. A car accident lawyer, however, is experienced in litigating these types of cases. They know how to find the best medical and accident experts to prove your case and can provide legal representation to ensure you get a fair hearing.

Dealing with Multiple Insurance Companies

A car accident injury can often cross over into various insurance coverages that pay for the costs of injuries and lost wages. This can include your personal auto coverage, your personal health insurance, and even workers’ compensation insurance. This can often create legal complications and difficulties when pursuing a case against the at-fault driver. In some cases, especially with Medicare and Medicaid, any compensation for medical coverage may need to be reimbursed to your health insurance provider. An attorney can assist you in this process. They can help you understand your various insurance coverages and ensure the right parties are reimbursed when necessary. This can save future financial obligations and complications that can arise from these entities.

Although you are well within your rights to pursue these claims on your own, there are many benefits that an attorney can provide to make this process easier. At this time, you should be focused on your health and medical care. An attorney can remove the stress and complications involved in the claims process. This can allow you to focus on yourself and your family during this difficult time. If you were injured in a car accident, you should at least take advantage of the initial consultation to find out more about how an attorney can benefit you and your case.