What Are the Basic Statistics for SMS Marketing?

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Customers from every place on earth get to their phone uncountable times in a single day, so it seems that it is a core opportunity for brands and businesses to get to the concerned people. The technology of mobile is continually developing as we can observe the evolvement through VR, rich services for communication, search through voice, etc.

But still, SMS Marketing is sturdily going further being the favorite method for communication for the core consumers compared to other methods like PPC or email marketing which requires more of your time and money.

As we all know that we are living in the age of fast development of marketing methods and all the online strategies are also Increasing day by day, a business can get a grasp over consciousness, fidelity and those action of consumers they are concerned the most, through text messaging facility.

You have to implement some strategies to your business to attain more enhancement as statistics of SMS marketing are quite impressive, below we have mentioned some strategies for SMS marketing, try to implement and gear up your business.

Marketers Set Up for Other Mobile Opportunities:

SMS marketing will set mobile marketers enhanced for other forwarded opportunities. Typically mobile marketers are 79% more concerned to utilize other particular mobile marketing tips if they are engaged in SMS marketing strategies.

This is due to some companies and organizations that usually quickly grab SMS marketing; they get to see the potency of SMS marketing strategies everywhere. The efforts for texting will also gear up the consumers to get to know about the brand’s other mobile efforts which will take up with the range of response and disclosure, during this it will enhance the positivity and concern through which they look your company.

Improvement in Conversion Rates:

Branded vanity links can boost up to 39% more clicks compared to generated short links. Branded links can get access to the extended level of CTR compared to short links which are generated; it is due to it mark up the text in a way that it is having a direct concern to your brand. Specifically, branded links are more essential with the efforts of SMS for the reason of security and reassurance. By clicking on it, customers will also feel secured from any spam or phishing site.

Rich Communication Services:

Rich Communication Services or RCS will be soon worth of a lot of billions. RCS is endorsed by SMS organizations like GSMA or Open Market as a level of messaging that is having the potency to bind the SMS and other different chat apps with each other. It is put to overtake SMS into the system of messaging that can challenge to Apple’s iMessage Service. It will also provide the choice of group chat, video, read receipts and all the intense functionalities.

Higher Response Rate to SMS Marketing Compared to Email Marketing:

The response rate of text messaging is higher than email marketing. You customers just not like to view and communication through other texts but they are also more likely to get communicated with your businesses through SMS too.

Moreover, SMS are more feasible to send, receive and read and replying to it is also much convenient, as everyone on earth checks out their cell phone unlimited times in a single day.

Customers Respond Rapidly to Text Messages:

For a typical person, it just takes 90 seconds to reply to an SMS. Peoples are curious for incoming text messages, and they act more rapidly to it. Now comparing it to email, it takes one and half hour to respond to an email which is having same information delivered in it.

Due to this SMS marketing is the core technique for time, for the heavy events and important offers, a limited time taken for sales or the registration of events. Organizations can also influence for rapid rate for a response for availing real-time consumers and feedback onto their orders, an experience of customer service and opinions of brands.

People Do Not Mind Receiving Offers Through SMS:

We get to know from the source that 75% of the people do not mind to receiving promotional offers in text messages from different brands. On the other hand, many consumers stated that they never mind getting offers on SMS from different brands. It is because customers also feel ease while getting knows about recent offers via SMS.

Marketing through SMS is less annoying than many other different means of marketing. SMS also performs better because in fewer words brands have to provide complete information so that small promotional phrases will get to the customer’s mind more easily.

Text messages are the clearest and convenient ways for marketers to get connected with their consumers. Just you are needed to follow proper tactics.

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