What Are Some of the Biggest Benefits of PPC Advertising

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Brands are looking for methods to get their businesses in the best possible shape. Advertising is the way to attract more customers, and PPC could be one of the things your marketing strategy has been missing this entire time.

You can start with free advertising on Google by getting a free coupon from Clever Ads. It helps since you have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience without wasting your money.

PPC marketing has plenty of great benefits that brands can use to their advantage. If you are still having doubts, your thinking will change after reading this article.

Benefit #1 – PPC Contributes to the Overall Business Plan and Goals

Businesses have different goals in mind and achieving them takes resources. Not everyone is capable of achieving what they have set for themselves. However, there is an option to restart and give a new strategy a go.

Pay-per-click can help you with more than just increasing the number of sales. Brand exposure is important for sustainability as well. Word of mouth travels fast on the internet. 74 percent of consumers indicate positive words about brands, like reviews from other customers, as one of the main factors when deciding whether to spend money or not (BigCommerce, 2020).

Benefit #2 – Valuable Marketing Data

There is lots of valuable data and performance information directly on Google Ads, but what you gain goes beyond the PPC campaign.

Impressions, conversion rates, as well as clicks for every keyword can be used to better your overall marketing and SEO strategy.

Benefit #3 – Variety in Targeting Options

Advertisers like to test things out and see how certain ads perform while targeting different demographics.

You can start with simple text ads and move towards remarketing after collecting data on previous customer behavior. Also, if you have a local business, there is an option to go all out and focus entirely on the nearby area residents. At the same time, if you want to enter the global market, PPC can also help with that.

Benefit #4 – PPC Works Great with Other Marketing Channels

Original and unique content is a way to establish your authority in the industry and show customers that you are not just about sales, but providing them with useful information as well.

Search engine optimization and pay-per-click marketing go hand-in-hand since the goal of the two is similar – attracting a targeted audience that has the intent to spend money.

Benefit #5 – Advertisers Are in Control

There are a few things regarding default campaign options, but overall, advertisers are in control of the most important aspects and can make changes to the campaign whenever they want.

Ad budget options are also helpful, especially if you want to start slow or simply lack the funds. Feel free to set your own ad budget and bids.

Positive results indicate that you can scale up the campaign immediately. At the same time, if your keywords are underperforming, you can always replace them.

Finally, if any of the ads are failing to meet your expectations, there is an option to make a quick edit and test it until you are happy with the performance.

Benefit #6 – Quick Entry

Even if you have not had an opportunity to try PPC before, you can jump right in with an optimized campaign and start competing with other brands.

This kind of method is a big contrast to SEO which takes time to take effect. Meanwhile, Google Ads will appear to people who are already searching for your products or services. And since you have to pay only for clicks on the ad, your money will be invested in a good way.

Benefit #7 – Measurability and Trackability

Another great benefit of Google Ads PPC is that you can easily track and measure information. Integrate Google Analytics and you will gain access to valuable data.

Keeping track of information like impressions, clicks, conversions, bounce rate, and time spent on a landing page goes a long way in determining which areas are doing great and which need improvements. Knowledge is power and can be the winning move for businesses that want to profit.

Benefit #8 – Variety in Different PPC Platforms

Most people start their pay-per-click journey with Google Ads, but stopping with it is not necessary. Once you gain more experience, you can look to try PPC marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Quora, YouTube, or LinkedIn.

Benefit #9 – Great Learning Experience

Those who seek a future with digital marketing will appreciate experience gained via the PPC market. Even if you are not able to build a sustainable business with pay-per-click, skills like keyword research and writing attractive ad copies will go a long way in helping build a further career in online marketing.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and Yahoo Small Business.