Verizon Wireless’ Top Ten Tips for SMBs

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1.  Thinking about getting a tablet for your business? Go for it! – If you aren’t using a tablet yet, consider adopting one into your business practice. Fast, portable and with a variety of apps to support any business operation, a tablet is the perfect way for an SMB owner to show their business is on the cutting edge of technology while also cutting costs.

2.  Still using that old flip phone? Step up to a smartphone! – Think of a smartphone as a PDA and a mini computer combined. Smartphones are a must-have to remain productive while you run your business on the go.

3.  Use your smartphone to shoot video
– If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video could be worth a million. Many of today’s smartphones come equipped with high-definition (HD) video.  Take video with your smartphone or tablet to showcase your company’s product or service line and post it to your website or keep it on your mobile device to show at a moment’s notice. You never know when you will run into a potential customer.

4.  Get expert advice without paying a penny
– A recent report by Nielsen predicts more than half of U.S. cellphones will be smartphones by year’s end. With that in mind, SMB owners should be confident in their ability to use their smartphones with ease. To that end, every entrepreneur can take advantage of the free resources in their communities, such as Verizon Wireless’ in-store SMB specialists or its wireless workshops, to help get the most out of their wireless technology.

5.  Looking for the right app for your business? – There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps for all types of business needs, but SMB owners can often get lost in the clutter of sorting through them all. With Verizon Wireless’ Small Business Advisor, an interactive and easy-to-use wizard guides users to the best apps to fit their business.

6.  Consider developing your own app – Many businesses are creating their own apps to better interact with customers and streamline business processes. Deploying your own can help create a stronger brand image for your company.

7.  Get more business with mobile payments. (It’s easier than you think.) – Think only big businesses can take credit card payments? These days, small businesses and on-the-go entrepreneurs can take plastic no matter where they conduct business.

8.  Your business should be as mobile as you are – Get a high-speed Internet connection wherever your business takes you.  Using the Novatel or ZTE Jetpacks, available from Verizon Wireless, entrepreneurs on the road can reliably connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices at one time.

9.  Be social no matter where you are – According to a recent report by Borrell Associates, small- and medium-sized businesses are expected to double the amount of money they spend on social media this year. And, as SMBs and entrepreneurs use these tools to connect with customers and grow their businesses, they shouldn’t be afraid of taking them on the road as well – posting updates to Facebook or Tweeting from their smartphone or tablet.

10.  Save money just by being a small business
– SMBs with a My Business Account from Verizon Wireless, can receive exclusive discounts from trusted industry leaders using the Verizon Discount Program. At no additional cost, participating customers are entitled to exclusive discounts of up to 21 percent in savings on key business services.