Using Push Notifications as a Part of a Marketing Campaign

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Push notifications are a new channel for communication with customers, which has proven its effectiveness in all business niches. Statistical studies have shown that the likelihood of a product/service purchase increases by 9.6 times if the user receives such a notification. At the same time, the average company profit grows by 16%. Let’s find out what makes this communication channel so effective, why you should include it in your marketing strategy, and what to take into account when developing a push-notification plan.

Landing Page with Push Notifications

There is no easier way to introduce a new product and inform your potential customers about its features as well as special offers than launching a landing page with push notifications. Thus, you will make sure that your target audience can easily find all the necessary information and is aware of all deal specs. And push notifications play a significant role in such a campaign:

  • They are free and allow you to significantly save on SMS traffic;
  • They do not require written permission from a customer to send notifications;
  • If a push notification cannot be delivered, a customer will receive an SMS notification.

To ensure the top performance of your campaign page and in-page ads, you are to pick a professional service and set push notifications properly. By setting them up, you can solve several tasks at the same time:

  • Regularly remind customers of your services;
  • Attract them with new promotions and discounts;
  • Draw the client’s attention to those offers that may be of interest;
  • Report on promotions timed to a specific event;
  • Notify about company news.

The service system settings allow you to analyze the customer base and send notifications addressed to specific user groups. You can select them by location, the number of purchases made, the time of the last purchase, and other parameters. For example, you can remind customers of your company who have not used your services for a long time, while your loyal customers may receive a different notification.

Features of Push Notifications

When planning a campaign using push notifications, keep in mind that they may sometimes cause negative user reactions if such “messages” come too often. Therefore, you need to carefully consider what and how you are sending so that notifications do not look intrusive. Typically, if users receive multiple messages from the same company a day, they will delete them without reading. For this not to happen, it is recommended to pay attention to the following principles when sending push notifications:

  • Target messages so that each specific subscriber does not receive them too often;
  • Write the text briefly so that its main idea is clear;
  • Keep in mind that some users will not receive the message immediately.

Despite some specs and nuances, push notifications remain an effective way to inform customers about current offers and super deals. The possibilities of targeting a specific audience allow you to reach out to exactly those customers who may be interested in a new promotion and build your ad strategy so that it works to improve customer relations in the company.

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Samantha Acuna is a writer based in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post,, and Yahoo Small Business.