Using Instagram as a Marketing Channel for Your Business

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Social networks are fast becoming the go-to place for online marketing. In particular, Instagram has become a premium platform for businesses to develop their online reputation. The reason why Instagram has been so successful in its growth as a platform for online marketing is largely due to its ability to quickly disseminate information, without wasting large amounts of effort.

The expansion of Instagram from a casual social media platform that was centered around the lives of famous personalities and celebrities, to one that is extremely sought after in the world of e-commerce, can only be attributed to the visionary modifications that its creators have made.

Have your own business account

Anyone can have their own business account. All you need is an idea, an Instagram account and a Facebook account. Users can simply head to their profile, switch it to a business one, and connect the Facebook page with the business profile on Instagram. Subsequently, convert the profile to a public one and you are good to go!

To create a company profile, you only need a business and an active Facebook account. That is easy, right?

You can quickly do this by:

  1. On your profile, click on the Change to The Company profile.
  2. Associate your Facebook Page with the company’s profile on Instagram.
  3. Verify that your profile is public and convert it into a company profile.

To configure your profile; enter the page, check contacts, make the necessary changes.

Remember, the main image or logo of the company must be in the center.


Optimizing the profile

By changing the account from a personal account to a company one, users can include their contact number and email. This allows consumers or interested parties to easily contact you for business proposals.

However, to truly succeed with online marketing on Instagram, one must fully understand their products/services, their target audience, as well as a basic standard of aesthetics. (After all, Instagram is still a platform for picture posting.) What this actually means, is that businesses should avoid certain traps, like including commercial messages, or placing the prices of your products directly. One way around that, is to instead place a URL that redirects the consumers to your designated website, which they can then purchase your goods or services from.

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Choose fun publications: Those that engages our emotions and interacts with the audience.

Choose effective hashtags: Form a comprehensive list with 15-20 hashtags that reflects the industry that your business belongs to to the sector of your business.

Be Creative: You can utilize stickers and brushes, short stories, videos or 6 photos consecutive stories, which will allow your stories to reach the top of the feeds.

Show the human side of your business: By displaying photos of actual people from your business, consumers are more likely to relate and connect with your company.

Share relevant moments of your business: This can easily be done through a short video of your employees or yourself engaging with the product or service that you are selling

Have a target audience: This allows you to focus on one group and not get sidetracked.

Go beyond: Value add to your product by promoting other areas that are unique to your products or services. This can come in the form of tutorials, free samples, or even community contribution proportionate to sales.

Create contests: By rewarding those who interact, you can easily expand your market. Moreover, you can easily link the account to Facebook to increase participation in the contest.

Utilize influencers: Businesses can engage the help of famous Instagram personalities known as “influencers” in order to promote their products or services using labels that redirects viewers to a specific company. A small investment could then generate large amounts of return.

Use analysis tools: It is necessary to measure your digital marketing progress, allowing you to know if the steps you are taking are sufficient in ensuring a good business prospect. While it is possible to analyze this using the tools found on Instagram, they are insufficient to comprehensively encapsulate every aspect of your progress. Instead, you can opt to make use of the many free and private systems to measure the effectiveness of your online strategic approaches.

Instagram for Business website: The website offers information in the form of guides, such as the different advertising techniques. There are also success stories, creative ideas, and various blogs which businesses can reference and use as a guideline.

Follow accounts with audiences similar to your business: This allows you to reach a similar group of audience while making sure that you are up to date with the rest of your competitors.

It is undeniable that with the advent of social media, companies are being gifted with even more opportunities to reach a larger group of audience in far less time and economic costs than before. As such, it is understandable why social networks are becoming priority choices for companies when choosing a marketing strategy.