Using Content Marketing to Market Your Real Estate Company

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If you’re a business owner who’s still using old-school methods to market your real estate company, odds are, you’re not as successful as you could be. No matter how good your sales skills are, if you’re limiting your advertising to bus stops, newspaper ads and brochures, you’re only hitting a fraction of the population you could by taking advantage of today’s technology. And, that not only includes making use of social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, but a good content marketing plan.

We’ll assume you at least have a website, and according to, website conversion rates are nearly six times higher for those who adopt a content marketing plan, as compared to those who don’t. Whether your real estate company focuses on homes for sale in Dallas, TX or Timbuktu, content marketing is the key to its success.

What to Write About

The reason most people fail to put a content marketing plan into place is that they don’t know what to write about, but there is practically an endless list of ideas to tap from. Don’t focus on just one area, be diverse. Create educational content that informs your target audience while encouraging them to reach out and potentially utilize your services. You can also write “branded” content, so that your audience understands that you’re the expert by sharing insider tips and industry knowledge. No matter what you write about, it should always be used as a way to generate value for potential and current clients rather than simply selling yourself.

Write and Give Away an eBook

Just about everyone likes a freebie, and one of the best a real estate company owner can give away is an informational eBook. An electronic version of a book, it doesn’t have to be long, but it should provide expertise along with some entertainment value to your target audience. It’s a great marketing tool, as it requires little investment and offers another way for you to position yourself as an expert on a certain topic. Don’t forget to add a call-to-action, or CTA at the end. After reading your eBook, viewers will be more likely to want to know more, visiting your website or reaching out directly.

Take Advantage of Instagram

Instagram is ideal for real estate agents in order to showcase a particular home or property, as most buyers (and the real estate industry in general) are highly visual. There’s an instant attraction to an enticing photo that encourages one to act, rather than having to search through a long list of written descriptions. You can post permanent pictures and videos through your Instagram feed or stories that remain for 24 hours. According to some of the latest statistics, Instagram has 500 million active users, with over 60% logging in daily, a number that’s second only to Facebook. If you aren’t getting your properties out there in front of them, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.