Understanding the Duties and Responsibilities of a Criminal Lawyer

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Nobody likes to get in trouble with the law, but unfortunately, that sometimes happens despite our best efforts. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a bad person, but people make mistakes. Driving under the influence of alcohol, for example, could land you one year in jail if you happened to have kids in the back seat. In situations like these, you need legal representation to get you out of trouble or else you can face some serious consequences. You probably weren’t even drunk in that situation, having just a couple of drinks before you went home, but that might not make a difference. This is why you need a good defense attorney representing you. But before you can enlist the help of one, you have to understand the duties and responsibilities of a criminal lawyer.


The first of a criminal lawyer’s duties is conducting a thorough investigation while representing their clients. It is their responsibility to analyze the case from all possible angles to try and find one that could prove their client’s innocence, and that often entails doing research and collecting as much information as possible about the case. They might visit the scene of the crime, talk to witnesses, interview doctors and police officers, and collect any relevant evidence that might prove their client’s innocence in a court.

Legal Representation

Investigative duties aside, a criminal lawyer is the one who represents their clients in arraignments, hearings, and trials should the case make it that far. They are the ones who present your case before a judge –– or a jury if the case is before one. As explained by the legal advisors on https://www.garfinkelcriminallaw.com/, it is then the lawyer’s duty to try and get the best possible outcome for their clients who are facing criminal charges. The kind of legal representation you get makes the difference in the outcome of the case, and this is why you have to enlist the help of competent and experienced lawyers. They will try to resolve the case as fast as possible, whether it is through settlement or expediting trial.

It is the criminal lawyer who also presents the evidence in the case before a judge or a jury, and they argue for the defense of their clients. They are the ones who negotiate plea deals and settlements on behalf of their clients –– but they never sign off on anything before getting their approval.

Keeping Clients Updated

Picking up from the last point, criminal lawyers inform their clients of any updates in the case and they keep them posted about any deals offered by the prosecution. They will often appear in court on your behalf several times, and they have to inform you about the progress of the case and whether or not any changes have arisen.

Legal Counsel

One of the most important duties of criminal lawyers is offering legal counsel to their clients. This is why they have to be quite knowledgeable about the law and the judicial system. They need a strong understanding of the laws and the system so they can prepare a defense that is backed by the law because the prosecution’s case will also be based on laws and regulations. Criminal lawyers are the ones who interpret laws and advise their clients on what the best course of action would be, legally speaking, to get the most favorable outcome in the case.

Knowing the Outcome

A criminal lawyer needs to predict and be able to inform their clients of the possible outcomes of a case. Your sentence will vary depending on the charges, and you need to be prepared for whatever outcome possible so you could make arrangements for your family or business. This is why you always need to enlist the help of a criminal lawyer, as they will help you prepare for what is to come.

Complete Dedication to Their Clients

The most important duty of a criminal is being completely devoted to their clients. They will put in the time and effort needed to provide you with the best possible defense, which means working late hours and weekends quite often. They will handle the stress of the case and try to take as much of it off your shoulders because that is why they signed up and are getting paid for.

At the end of the day, when you are facing criminal charges that entail hefty fines and serious jail time, a criminal lawyer is your best friend. They are the ones who will go the extra mile to prove your innocence or mitigate the sentence as much as possible, and that is their main responsibility.

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