Types of Accidents a Personal Injury Lawyer Handles

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A personal injury lawyer helps you get compensated once an individual causes you harm. The wrongful conduct can either be intentional or out of negligence. Many circumstances can cause personal injury, but the lawyers consider only the valid ones. When you experience an accident caused by another person’s fault, be sure to seek the services of a personal injury lawyer for help. A personal injury lawyer can assist you with a wide range of accidents. Many people are not aware of the exact type of accidents compensated. This article focuses on the types of accidents a personal injury lawyer handles.

Workplace Accident

When you are injured while working for your employer, you get compensation according to the Worker’s Compensation Act. Your employer will carry out a worker’s compensation insurance. You have a rightful claim to a certain amount of money as compensation for your injury. You will find it costly to cover certain expenses like medical bills. This process can cause you so much pressure as a result of financial strain from the used income. A personal injury lawyer helps you know the amount of money you are entitled to as compensation. They also inform you of the steps you need to take to claim the compensation benefits. The personal injury lawyer will ensure that your worker’s rights are protected.

Vehicular Accident

Vehicular accidents range from car, truck, to motorcycle accidents. The percentage of vehicle accidents being recorded increase every other year because of the growing number of vehicles using the roads. Many people who are hurt by these accidents are left to deal with the issues resulting from the injuries. Some of the problems are:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Depression

In most cases, the cause of these accidents is mainly the negligence of drivers. A personal injury attorney is aware of the types of accidents. They are familiar with the strategies needed when seeking compensation for injured motorists and victims of the accidents. According to Chattanooga motorcycle accident attorneys from https://www.noogalaw.com/motorcycle-accident-lawyer/, collisions are commonly the result of another driver’s negligence. When this happens, you need to hire the services of a personal injury lawyer. The best personal injury lawyer will not charge you until you get your compensation. The amount of money you get should cater to medical bills, both emotional and physical injuries, and any other future medical treatment related to the accident.

Medical Malpractice

When you choose to visit the hospital, it means you trust the doctor with your life. You believe they will maintain all the necessary standards when treating you. Failure to do so can cause harm to your health. If you suffer damage as a result of a doctor’s malpractice, you have a rightful claim for compensation.

You need to note that with medical malpractice cases, the proof is vital. You must establish the error caused by the medical practitioners. You also need to show the effects of the failure. The extent of the harm determines the amount to compensate. A personal injury lawyer helps in evaluating your case while advising on the best steps for recovery from the malpractice.

Dog Bites

As vague as it may seem, dog bites are one of the cases handled by a personal injury lawyer. If you get bitten by a dog, it is the responsibility of the dog and its owner to compensate you financially. However, you should note that these laws are different from one state to another. In some countries, the owner of the dog caters for all the damages caused. While in other states, you don’t get compensated, especially when the dog has no history of biting.


Last in this list is defamation. It is considered as a personal injury as it causes damage to someone’s character. Such cases are common. Building a reputation is a process that takes time, therefore, once that reputation is tarnished, you may be affected mentally or even financially regarding your career, for example. You can file a case against individuals who mess with your reputation. Defamation cases are complicated to deal with when alone, but personal injury lawyers are there to help with the legal proceedings. With a personal injury lawyer by your side, you can easily ask for compensation for the damages caused after.

When you face injuries, do not be hesitant about hiring a personal injury lawyer in fear of the blames that are put on you or of the service fee. You should not worry about how to cater for medical bills related to the accident. Instead, you need to seek the services of a qualified lawyer to fight for your rightful compensation.

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