Two big mistakes made by majority of affiliate marketers

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If we talk about affiliate revenues, gambling on the internet is counted amongst the most profitable niches today. There is a great multitude of online casinos that are willing to pay loads of money to anyone who can get people with deep pockets to their platforms.

Let’s take you through couple of the big mistakes that a large majority of casino affiliate marketers make, thereby losing a significant amount of money in the process. Considering the fact that there are over one billion active blogs and websites out there, you must make the most from your web content, promotions and audience engagement.

A good example

An affiliate website such as is a very good example you can follow. It positions itself as an authority portal when it comes to information on all top-rated online casinos geared towards Canada. The information on the website is also always fresh and up to date, enabling visitors to pick out none but the best gambling platforms for Canadian residents.

Not positioning yourself as an authority portal

Whenever you purchase anything on the Internet, whether it’s a physical product or a digital one, you normally buy it from a website you can trust. Transacting with such websites you can be sure that all your information with them will be safe no matter what.

Considering that there are millions of casino affiliate sites on the internet, many of them wanting to make just a quick buck, regardless of what they promote, theirs cannot be termed as a viable and long-term business strategy.

Casino affiliate marketers must focus heavily on building a trustworthy brand, and creating a following that would keep coming back to the platform time and again. For instance, can be considered an authority portal for people wanting to read news in the US.

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This can be achieved even without investing loads of money. All you need to do is provide quality content and an excellent return on time investment to the visitors. Your website’s design and content must be completely in line with this idea. Following are five highly recommended tips that can significantly help you improve visitor experience on your casino affiliate website:

  • Keep the copy scannable and simple
  • Use responsive web design
  • Include a search feature
  • Minimise the number of features and choices
  • Include very clear calls to action

Lack of unique and fresh content

It’s because of some very good reasons that content is and will always be considered king for websites (read more about it in this article at Yet, a good number of website owners fail to invest time and money in creation of quality content for their casino affiliate portals.

When it comes to online gambling, you can offer your visitors new resource guides and information related to world poker tournaments, jackpot winners and many other gambling-related events taking place in different parts of the world. All such news and information write-ups can serve as perfect means to attract more amount of organic traffic to your website.

Apart from creating fresh and unique content for your casino affiliate website, you can also carry out genuine gaming website reviews. Please note, there are thousands of casino affiliate websites that offer run-of-the-mill reviews to their visitors. You should focus on something different and provide real value to the people. Furthermore, you should be honest in your opinions about the websites and online casino games. There’s no point in heavily promoting online slots strategies when you know that online slots are completely random in nature!

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