Traveling For Work? Start Saving Cash Hassle Free

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Many of us have to travel regularly for work, and that means a lot of companies benefit from our journeys. On the other hand, however, what kind of benefit do we get out of these transactions? Whether you’re a business owner, or you’re able to claim back your trips on expenses, you can still get a lot of great savings without any hassle. Here’s how to do it.

Choose Your Frequent Flyer Programmes

The first step is to look into the rewards that are available for frequent flyers on the airlines that you use regularly. Some of them might not be so great, and others will be really useful. Choose which of these programmes you want to join – the fewer, the better – and try to stick only to flights which will benefit one of your memberships from then on. After simply registering your details for free, there isn’t a lot of work needed to maintain your membership. Just keep travelling as normal.

Select the Right Card

When paying for your flights, you will want to use the right credit card in order to maximise the points that you can earn. Frequent flyer credit cards have different offers, from bonuses for new customers to standard rates which apply on any transaction that you make. Read all of the terms carefully: sometimes you will want to switch to a new card after a year to maintain your level of benefits, or sometimes you could want to switch even sooner. It’s easier to stick to the same card, of course, but this could mean missing out on some great rewards, so consider this carefully.

Collect Your Benefits

Some cards or rewards programmes will come with built-in benefits just for signing up. For example, you might get free upgrades to your departure lounge or your seat once or twice a year. If you travel frequently enough to be considered a premium customer, you might be able to take advantage of upgrades every single time you fly! Make sure to keep track of how much you have on your points balance, so that you can redeem it every time it is possible to do so. This will help you to save money almost every time you travel, if not every time!

Reap the Rewards

Finally, you might want to use the rewards for something other than just saving money. Why not make your work pay for your leisure time? Next time you decide to use your annual leave abroad, you just have to use your points balance to book onto a flight for free. That will make your trip much more affordable, and you will be able to keep your hard-earned cash for other elements of the holiday such as going to nice restaurants. It can feel even better, knowing that your free holiday was earned with rewards paid for by your company!

Since you’re already travelling for work, you might as well gather some rewards for doing so. Follow these steps and you’ll enjoy all those journeys so much more!


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