Top Dating Startups in 2018

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At the end of May, the 52nd iDate Dating Conference was held at the Bristol Hotel in Odessa. She was visited by more than a hundred people, representatives of 12 different countries. I have not been in a relationship for a long time and this worries my friends, who at the first opportunity advise to go “swipe” people on Tinder.

I came to iDate to talk with representatives of marriage agencies, matchmakers and representatives of companies that offer services for them. They talked about the institution of marriage and modern mechanisms of “matchmaking”. And that’s what I found out.

The first thing that shocked me was statistics. Prepare yourself! Russia and Ukraine are leaders in the number of divorces around the world. (statistics for 2016): Russia ranks 1st in the world in terms of the number of divorces, and Ukraine – 4. Needless to say, that Ukraine is not in the top most populous countries or the largest in terms of area? Hardly. In addition, in Ukraine, there are 86 men for 100 women. The statistics are disappointing. Even if it’s the case, don’t get depressed and meet your love at

Thus, 14 of us will definitely be “overboard”. It is worth remembering that you need to choose the best husband and father of future children, and not the first free. Mission Impossible?

About the organization of iDate

The organizer of the conference is Mark Lesnik, and he collects representatives of the industry 52 times already. The first conference was held in 2004. Mark admits that he does not get tired of doing this because the audience of the conference is happy people. Until 2004 he organized conferences for other industries. But when it comes to love and marriage – to work much nicer.

Mark does not deny that many people on the Internet are just looking for sex.

But experts gathered here will always help to find exactly why you came to them. They love what they do, which is very important.

What is matchmaking and how does it work?

Throughout the conference, the word matchmaking was used more than two hundred times. What does this mean?

Wikipedia defines this term as “bringing two people together for marriage in the end.” In other words, this is the matchmaking habitual for us. Remember, I mentioned that industry representatives know how to hear people who come to them? If you set a goal to get married, they help you in every possible way. While you are at, visit for all of your dating needs!

Matchmaking” is taught! You can get a diploma and become a specialist in this field. During the conference, I managed to communicate with a certified “matchmaker.” She gives in marriage not only young girls of model appearance, but also those who already have children and whose passport age has long been shouting “to marry late!”.

Her secret is in a special approach. She sets a goal – not just to create a family, but to do it qualitatively. She conducts training trainings and webinars, sees the future of the institution of marriage not overshadowed and, of course, believes in love.

About LovePlanet and statistics

About applications for smartphones told us Oscar Ruiz. He has been developing international business for 7 years. Oscar expands the market of the dating industry. Its main goal is not human trafficking (after all, dating applications are not a catalog in a brothel), but strong alliances. He is sure – on the Internet you can find love!

One of the problems of the dating industry is the imbalance of the age group. Most men on dating sites are over 35 years old. At this age, men begin to think about creating a family. But many girls on such resources are hardly older than 20. If a man wants to find a wife half his age, the “matchmakers” will explain to him that it is practically impossible. The agencies are very concerned about their image and do illogical actions – not in their interests.

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