Top 5 Hardest Topics On The CCNP SWITCH Exam

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The Cisco Certified Network Professional, or more precisely, the CCNP, belongs to the IT industry who has attained the professional level of the said course. Like any Cisco exam, CCNP SWITCH is considered challenging and laborious and has diverse topics requiring adequate attention and familiarity.

The CCNP has features that circumscribe around various switching platforms of Cisco. Some of the challenging topics that require due focus and attention under the certification are as follows.

1. Spanning Tree Protocol

Studying the Spanning Tree Protocol is useful when you go deep into it to contemplate how it actually works. The STP topics in CCNP certification exams can be dealt with easily and without doing much of the testing on the live equipment. The whole idea is to be aware of what this protocol does and what it takes in terms of route switches.

Not everyone may be able to take up this duty; an individual who wants to see himself positioned into a part where the configuration of a switched network is cardinal would only strive for it. For better understanding, it is believed that the learner should take several Cisco switches together, connect them properly to see how different paths are calculated and known. Under CCNP courses, the Spanning Tree Protocol is believed to be an essential yet tricky concept.

2. VLANs

Virtual LAN as a concept is not that heavy and difficult once a person sees the inner workings of it. It can be termed hard when conceptualizing the concept but not when it’s in action. A Virtual LAN is braced using a switch like in the case of the STP. VLAN can link or call together all the LAN segments that lie outside the physical switch ports.

All these complex topics and concepts can be only well received with the help of CCNP training, but choosing the best service provider depends on you. Choose the one that is reliable, trustworthy and believes in economies of scale.

3. Port Security

Port Security is an essential and required concept in the switch infrastructure. This modern concept is lacking without the necessary involvement of Port Security. The Network Designer can look after who will and who will not be a part of the switch ports, and many devices should be allowed for effective working.

For example, it is advisable that with a MAC address, only one device should be permitted. These restrictions on the number of devices are made so that there is no disturbance and the work is carried on effectively and effortlessly. Under various Cisco Certification, Port Security is a highly advised topic to study and contemplate owing to the fact that security should always be a priority when it comes to networks and routing.

4. Switch Virtual Interfaces (SVI)

The concept of Switch Virtual Interfaces is not that difficult to understand if one is well versed with routing interfaces. Precisely, routing is an important concept under this interface. Also, the due focus should be laid on practising with the live equipment as it’s always better to be practically smart than just having theoretical knowledge. An SVI can be created efficiently, and it’s the routing of VLANs that is required.

5. VTP

Under the VLAN trunking protocol, a VLAN needs to be configured with various interconnected switches. The switches are connected with the help of a trunking protocol, using which the numerous switches can communicate and operate with a specific database. Similarly, like all other concepts, it is advised to have a VLAN trunking protocol’s practical experience using live equipment.

Where To Train For CCNP SWITCH Exam?

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For Cisco certification, it is thoroughly cardinal to go through all these topics that are believed to be tough compared to others. Therefore, cutting a long story short is mandatory to go through the CCNP training, which will help you get that certification. Koenig Solutions are considered the leading and foremost service providing company in which all the topics required to excel are covered and braced.

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