Tips to Improve Your Local Visibility Online

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Have you noticed that Google instantly find you the best of any business according to your location? Have you wondered how you could cash in on that Google feature as a business owner? You’re not the first, and there’s no doubt that you probably show up somewhere on the Google search results but gaining visibility takes a little bit of effort.

Get People Talking

That’s right let your customers be the voice of your business. Even middle-of-the-road reviews are significant for gaining visibility. There’s the addition of the personal touch, but there’s also the increase in trustworthiness.

If the internet has done anything, it’s made people suspicious. When you’re trying to gain traction in local visibility people are only going to click on websites that appear to be trustworthy or are names they’ve heard before.

To make this happen, post customer testimonials, and encourage customers to comment on your pages. Finally, get on a few different business listings, this usually means adding keywords and business information to your social media pages including Facebook, and Instagram. But you also want to ensure that you’re on Angie’s List, and Yellow Pages.

Know Your GMB

GMB stands for Google My Business, and it’s a useful tool for any business owner. Now only does it help you track the search results; this tool enables you to drive more traffic to your site.

Essentially knowing your GMB gives you a lot more control over how the online aspect of your business operates. Don’t let your website run on autopilot.

How do you get a GMB? You either apply for a Google My Business listing or update the one that already exists. You’ll want to optimize everything in your listing and ensure that the information is accurate.

Get Involved and Use Backlinks

These tips go hand-in-hand because it’s how your community exists online. Get involved with a local sports team, or community event. When you have information and photos with metadata that strings together keywords that include your location, business name, and another location identifier such as a high school name you’ll increase your visibility substantially.

After you get involved, you need to backlink to their pages as well. For some businesses, this means regularly updating links to direct to the most recent update on the city’s community website.

There are occasions where affiliation with a local chapter of a national organization can help increase your local visibility as well. Consider hosting the local Rotary Chapter’s meetings or offering a meeting room to the Girl Scouts during cookie season. Then always link to the organization’s home page, and their local chapter’s Facebook page.