Tips for Using Google Maps Marketing and Map Ads to Attract Local Clients

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Tips for Using Google Maps Marketing and Map Ads to Attract Local Clients

Nowadays, Google search results are based on Google Maps and other SEO parameters. So, what does this mean? It means Google Maps are increasingly becoming a new way to attract local clients. Even more, it has been established that Google Map based search results are effective at bringing more clients. This means that Google Map marketing is the newest way to reach your local clients. So, what’s Google Map marketing? How does it work? How can Google Map Marketing help your business? How can I advertise my business using Google Map Marketing? Well, in this guide, you will learn everything Google Map Marketing—including how to do it right and nail local clients. Good luck.

Google Maps Marketing: Definition

Google Maps Marketing entails leveraging on the functionality of Google Maps to feature your site. Thus, customers will be able to find you faster when doing Google searches. Consequently, you can increase leads, sales, and profits.

How Google Maps Marketing is Done

Google has slightly changed the way it ranks websites. According to Google, local results depend on relevance, location/distance, as well as prominence. Google algorithm combines these powerful factors to rank your site. With Google Maps Marketing, you have a tool that can optimize your business listings, making it easily searchable by your clients. Google My Business Listing helps clients find your site easily. Thus, you need to work on it.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a completely new tool designed and offered by Google for any type of business. With this tool, businesses and other organizations alike can manage and improve their online presence on different Google products, including Maps and Local Searches. The tool allows you to manage that business information of yours, establish better interactions with clients, and improve your online presence. Optimize Google My Business Listing with these proven ways and achieve improved visibility.

Accurate Address

Your business’s address is an extremely important aspect when it comes to marketing. Thus, ensure you get it right. Fill inaccurate information. Give a precise address. Ensure that the address you provide vividly describes the location of your business. Remember, Google doesn’t take in physical mailboxes. Instead, it accepts physical location.

Use an address that has been verified by USPS. Follow the following quick tips when entering your address:

  • Use a precise address. Avoid using street names. They might not be accurate.
  • Avoid using unverified things in your address
  • Add a service area after filling on your address
  • Always, provide accurate info when it comes to your website, phone number, working hours, etc.

Get Your Business Listing Verified

The next step involves getting your listing verified. This will increase your site’s chances of ranking high on Google Maps. Google will use the following methods to verify your listing:

  • Postcard and bulk verification
  • Phone number
  • Instant verification
  • Emails

The most common way of verifying your listing is through Postcard. However, be sure to check whether your business listing qualifies for this verification method.


Reviews are some of the most important tools for digital marketing. So, don’t be afraid to ask your clients to leave reviews. Reviews complement your Google Maps marketing efforts. According to Google, local search engine ranking takes into consideration Google reviews. Thus, they can play a key role in improving your ranking. So, encourage your clients to leave reviews. Besides complementing your marketing efforts, reviews are powerful in authenticating your business. They also make your business look more credible.

Along the way, your business will get negative reviews. Instead of ignoring them, address the issues they carry. Repay to unhappy clients. Use Google guidelines to reply to negation e reviews.

Local Citations

Local citations scare you, right? Well, don’t fret. In simple terms, a local citation is any online mention of that business of yours in your local media. With local citations, you have a tool that will help you build local dominance and improve Google relevance. This will improve the Google Map ranking of your site. There are several sources of directories out there. The most common ones include:

  • Local blogs
  • Directories that are locally focused
  • Try to look for mentions in sites such as Yelp and Yahoo Local

Excellent Links

Did you know that your web result ranking also plays a key role when it comes to local search optimization? Well, it’s a fact. You also need SEO best practices on your site to rank higher on Google. That’s why you need high-quality links more than ever. Embrace high-quality backlinks. It will give you impressive results. The best way to create backlinks is through emailing different local based businesses and requesting them to link back to your website.

Local Search Ads

If you want to hop to the top of search results, leverage on local search ads. Local search ads are excellent when it comes to driving more local visits and increasing foot traffic to your site. Paid ads appearing on Google Maps will appear as attached ads on your local listing. You can either use paid ads or promoted ads.

Optimize the Introduction

Like web copies, it’s important to work on your Google My Business introduction. Optimize it. Optimizing Google My Business plays a key role in helping Google the relevance of any search query.

Use these quick tips to optimize the introduction:

  • Don’t cram or overfill keywords into the introduction
  • The introduction should have elaborate reasons why you established your business. Also, state what sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Address all possible customer concerns in the introduction
  • Use the right tone and language in the introduction

The Bottom-Line

You have worked hard to establish your business. That’s good. You have spent sleepless nights to brand it. At least you are trying. But why are you still getting a handful of clients? Why are you not seeing local clients in your business? What might be the issue? Well, you haven’t don’t enough when it comes to Google Map marketing. If you want more local clients, take your game to Google Map marketing. The above guide will help you do Google Map marketing like a pro.


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